Which Haircut To Choose?

From time to time you need to cut your hair. Regular trimming or cutting will promote hair growth and there will be no problem of split ends. But, whenever the time comes for a haircut, often people get confuse about which hairstyle to choose. While a good hair cut will enhance your look, a bad one can spoil your look. Also once you have cut your hair, then nothing much can be done. So, it’s become very essential to choose the right haircut.

The right cut should work with not only your type of hair, but also the specific shape of your face. So, before you start deciding on the type of haircut, it’s important to know the shape of your face. When it comes to the shape of a face, it can be cateogorized into six types – oblong, round, oval, square, diamond and heart-shaped. The most flattering hairstyles enhance the prominent features of these various shapes. You can always ask a friend or a beauty expert about the shape of your face.

Hair cut

Some suggestions for haircut according to face shape:

  • If your face is oval, you can choose any type of hair cut. Right from pixie cuts to long flowing waves, nearly all types of hairstyle suit taan oval face shape.
  • If you have long or oblong face, then chin-length hair cuts or bobs will suit you better. Such haircuts will make your face look wider at the cheeks and less boxy. Also you must avoid very short hair style as well as very long hair style.
  • If you have a round face, then you must opt for longer geometric haircuts with angled layers. Such haircuts will lengthen the face to make it appear not round in shape.
  • If you have a square face with strong jaw line, opt for a haircut with face framing layers that hit just below the chin. You can choose to keep loose waves or curly. You can even opt for a soft layered bob. Always avoid blunt cuts.
  • If you have a diamond shaped face, then the best hairstyles are a full, classic bob or a flipped-out layered cut. Bangs will look good if they are kept below the brow; anything shorter will not look good at all.
  • If you have a heart-shaped face, then you need to choose hairstyles that complement the cheekbones without hiding the chin are best. You can opt for a chin-length bob with tapered ends. Also you must avoid adding extra height at the crown.

Now that you know about your face shape as well as the suitable hair cut, it will be easier for you to make the right decision. In case you have any doubt, you and your hairstylist can sit together and figure out which hairstyles work as per your face shape as well as your unique hair type and texture.

Also choose a good hair expert or stylist to cut your hair. Any wrong decision will spoil your look and it cannot be rectified for a longer time period.

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