What Your Hair Says About Your Health?

Hair is an essential part of your beauty and hence people take special care of it. Hair not one enhances your beauty but it also works as health barometer giving indication about your good as well as bad health. In fact, health experts recommend hair test to diagnose different health problems such as anemia, thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance and other health problems.

When some hormonal changes occur in the body, your hair will instantly react to the changes. This happens because hair gets nourished directly by the blood stream and any kind of change in the flow of blood or blood content will cause hair or scalp related problems. Such kind of hair and scalp problems will not remain for a longer period of time. These temporary hair problems are nothing but just signals of distress within the body. Once the health problem gets recognized and treated, the hair problem will be solved and soon it will enjoy its normal growth and texture.

Hair and health

As hair gives indication about your health, you must not make the mistake of ignoring hair problems. In case of abnormal hair fall, or growth, or excessive dryness of your hair and scalp and dandruff that refuses to clear, you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible. It has been found that slight change in the body can cause hair fall. For instance, those suffering from thyroid-related problems can suffer from imminent hair loss even when they suffer from viral fever. Other health disorders that can cause excessive hair fall are Addison’s disorder, Anemia, Cancer, Autoimmune problems, Cardiac problems, Fungal infection, Hormonal imbalance, Infected tonsils, Kidney failure, Parathyroid problems, Polycystic Ovarian Disorder, Ringworm and Tooth problems.

Along with the above mentioned health problems, nutritional deficiency, especially in conditions of malnourishment can also cause hair problems like dry and light-colored hair. Similarly, zinc deficiency causes diffuse hair loss, lighter colored hair and eczema. Also fatty acid deficiency can cause excessive hair fall.

If you are serious about your health then a slight change in the appearance and texture of your hair need to be taken seriously. To find out the state of your hair and your health, you can get a tricho-check done which will analyze the state of your hair shaft, roots and other internal conditions.

To sum up, as hair gives indication about your health, it is very essential to consider your hair problems seriously.

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