What Makes Your Hair Grow Faster?

The desire for long and beautiful hair is nothing new. There are many people like you who wish to have long hair but are worried about slow hair growth rate. For most people, hair will grow about 5 or 6 inches a year. It will be less for some and more for others but this is average annual hair growth rate. If you really want to get rid of slow hair growth, it is really important to know and to learn what makes hair grow faster. This will help you to ensure that your hair is growing healthy.  

Healthy diet
To understand what makes your hair grow faster requires a look at how your body grows hair in the first place. Well, hair growth is linked with follicle consisting of a blood vessel, sebaceous glands, and the hair shaft.

The primary ingredient that helps hair growth is a protein known as keratin that helps in transporting keratin to the hair follicle. The hair follicles then use the keratin to manufacture their hair shaft. This is how your hair grows.

To make your hair grow grow at a normal rate you need to focus on the efficiency and functionality of hair follicles. There are many ways to do so such as: .

There are many ways for faster hair growth like:


Diet is one of the most important elements that make hair grow faster. When it comes to diet there is no single food that can help in making your hair grow faster. In fact, the trick is to have a well-balanced diet and that contains plenty of proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, zinc, iron and other nutrients. A well balance diet should be supported by adequate supply of water. So, a good diet with good amount of water intake is what you need to make your hair grow faster.

Rest and sleep:

During the time when you sleep after a tiring day, your hair grows. When you sleep, your body repairs and regenerates cells and the growth hormones are also secreted that help a lot in hair growth. It has been found that irregular sleeping patterns, sleep deprivation and lots of stress contribute towards hair loss. Getting enough sleep every night will definitely promote faster hair growth.

Proper hair care:

Good care of your hair is essential for faster hair growth. Always keep the scalp clean by washing your hair with some mild shampoo followed by a conditioner. For washing your hair, avoid shampoos containing a lot of chemicals. Find a shampoo made from natural ingredients. When you wash your hair, do not blow dry it. Instead, use a towel to pat dry your hair by squeezing hair between it. Also avoid rubbing the hair roughly with a towel as it can damage the hair follicles. Regular oiling is also essential for overall health of your hair. It is also important to cut your hair in 6 to 8 weeks time to get rid of split ends and to maintain its quality. 

Scalp Massage:

Regular scalp massage is what makes your hair grow faster. Scalp massage stimulates the blood circulation to the scalp which means more oxygen and nutrients reach the scalp. It is very easy to massage your scalp and you can do it yourself. Here you simply need to use your fingertips to massage your scalp gently in a circular motion. Make sure that all areas of the scalp are properly covered while massaging. You can follow this simple procedure daily, especially before going to sleep. About once a week, use warmed olive or coconut oil to massage your scalp massage.

Other Factors:  

The most important factor that makes your hair grow is the basic genetic setup caused by hereditary factors. For instance, generally, it is believed that hair grow at an average rate of 5-6 inches in a year. However, for several people the growth rate might be less or higher than the average. Just like genetics, seasons also play an important role in hair growth. For instance, hair grows faster during the summer season as compared to during the winter months. Also, it is essential to note that rate of hair growth tends to decrease as you age and also if you taking medicines. 

Some Important Facts:

  • Many people believe that regular trimming of hair makes it grow faster. Regular trims take control of split ends but will not make hair grow at a faster rate. 
  • Taking supplements for hair growth is not a good idea. It is better to follow a well balanced diet to ensure your body gets necessary vitamins and minerals that can help in hair growth.
  • Do not over brush your hair as it can lead to breakage and frizz.
  • Oil massage helps in retaining moisture on hair strands, making hair stronger and less prone to breakage. But it can never lead to faster hair growth.

To conclude, if you follow the simple instructions mentioned above, you can never go wrong in making your hair grow faster. Follow the instructions patiently and become proud of your healthy and long hair that you have always wished for.

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  1. I need help !! real deal so im 14 years old and 4 years ago I cut my up to butt hair up to my shoulders n I wanna grow it out problem is I have curly hair but never use it curly I always flat iron it n it burns n breaks wat can I do ive put olive oil ?? n.have massaged my scalp please help wanna have longer hair for my sweet 15 !! thank you

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