Use Vodka for Beautiful Hair

Vodka is a popular alcoholic beverage and it has numerous skin benefits as well. Vodka is used to cleanse and brighten up the skin complexion. It also tightens the pores of the skin and help in the treatment of acne and other skin problems. But do you know that vodka can also give you many hair benefits.

Here are some hair benefits of vodka:

Treats frizzy hair: If you have frizzy hair, vodka can help de-frizz it. It has a low ph level (acidic in nature) and helps to maintain the ph level of the hair. Also it will help the cuticles to close, and sealed cuticles mean reduced frizz and tons of shine. To get rid of frizzy hair, you can use vodka as a powerful conditioner. Take about 10ml of vodka add mix it in a 60ml bottle of your favorite conditioner. Shake it well until you get a smooth consistency and then use it once a week as a conditioner. Your hair will become smooth and manageable when this homemade conditioner is used on regular basis.


Makes hair shiny: If you want to add extra shine to your dull hair, use water mixed with a tablespoon of vodka as a final rinse.  It will make your hair lustrous and shiny and also promote hair growth. You can also try vodka hair pack to get shiny hair. To make this hair pack, take one egg and one teaspoon of honey, olive oil and mayonnaise. Mix all the ingredients together and then add some vodka. Mix until you get a smooth consistency. Now apply it on your hair and keep it for 20 minutes. Finally, wash it off with a mild shampoo. There will be an instant shine on your hair. But if you have colored hair, avoid using vodka as it can be harmful for you.

Treats dandruff: For those suffering from dandruff, vodka can be a useful ingredient. To treat dandruff, add three teaspoons of dried rosemary in a cup of vodka and leave it for about ten hours. Next, strain the solution and use the mixture to massage your scalp with the help of your fingertips. Now allow it to sit for an hour. Wash it off with a mild shampoo. You can use this treatment once or twice a week to get rid of flaky scalp.

Promotes hair growth: Vodka stimulates hair growth as it removes any product build up on the scalp. It cleanses the scalp and makes the hair grow faster. To promote hair growth, mix 10 ml of neat vodka in 60 ml of shampoo and mix well. Shampoo your hair with this mixture to get clean and smooth hair and make your hair grow faster.

Treats hair loss: To cure hair loss, vodka is an excellent ingredient if used regularly. For treating hair loss, take 2 teaspoons of honey and 2 teaspoons of onion juice and add 5 teaspoons of vodka. Apply this mixture on your scalp and leave it overnight. Wash it off in the morning with a mild shampoo. Follow this treatment daily at night until you notice improvement.

As vodka serves as an inexpensive yet effective ingredient for maintaining healthy hair, you must surely have a bottle of vodka in your bathroom.

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