Turn Your Damaged Hair into Healthy Hair!

Damaged hair looks dry or brittle and can even have split ends. Also damaged hair often looks lifeless. As damaged hair can break off easily, it must be treated with care and affection. If you have damaged hair, there is nothing to worry about. With proper hair care routine and patience, it is possible to make your damaged hair turn into healthy again. Before you start looking for ways to treat your dry hair, it is important to find out the main cause behind your damaged hair.

You can have damaged hair due to two main reasons. One is excessive use of chemicals on hair and the other one is heat appliances used on hair. Along with that there can also be other reasons too like too much exposure of hair to natural elements such as sun, cold, wind and chlorine water; hereditary; less elasticity on hair and less than the required conditioning treatments for hair. Getting rid of damaged hair can be quite challenging depending upon how much your hair is damaged.

Damaged hair

Here are some proven tips for damaged hair that can help you in getting healthy and shiny hair once again:

Use the right shampoo:

At times using the wrong shampoo on your damaged hair can even cause more damage to your hair. So, during this time you need to find out the right shampoo to use that can clean your hair and at the same time does not cause any damage. It is easy to find a shampoo with moisturizing ingredients designed for dry and damaged hair. Try out three to four different brands and when you find the right product for your hair then you need to stick with it. You must shampoo your hair at least two times a week.

Condition your hair daily:

Every time you shampoo your hair your need to condition your hair also. On days when you do not shampoo your hair, then also you need to apply some conditioner on your hair. When using a conditioner, you must pay attention to the hair ends and tips. For damaged hair, it is better to use a conditioner with sun block. Such type of conditioner will protect your hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun and at the same time will moisturize your hair shafts in the right manner.

Regularly trim your hair:

Damaged hair often has split ends and you can get rid of split ends only by trimming the hair ends. It is important to trim your hair in every six to seven weeks or else the entire hair shaft will be affected. Here you do not have to compromise on your hair length as you can just trim the split ends with the help of hair shears. But of your have extremely damaged hair, it is a must to trim your hair above the damaged area for the first time.

Avoid blow drying:

Those having damaged hair must not use a blow dryer on their hair. In case there is an emergency and you need to blow dry your hair, keep the direction of the heat away from the roots so that the cuticles are not affected by it. Also you need to set the temperature at the minimum. This way it will need more time to dry your hair but the negative impact on the hair shafts will be less.

Buy right products and tools:

In the market, you can find various hair care products for the treatment of damaged hair. But not all of the products can be useful for your hair. First understand the requirement of your damaged hair and then proceed to buy a quality product. Read the instructions carefully and then use it accordingly on your hair. Also it is essential to use the right tools such a wide toothed comb to detangle your hair, rubber bands to tie your hair, and so on.

No heat and chemical treatments:

Always bear in mind that chemical treatments and excessive heat can make your hair drier. If you make your damaged hair once gain healthy, you must not use chemical treatments such as perms, dyes, and relaxers and if required their usage should be minimum. At the same time you must avoid heat appliances such as curling irons, flat irons, straightening machines and so on. Heat will further damage the already damaged hair and will weaken the newly grown hair from the roots.

Hot oil treatment:

In every two weeks, you must go for a hot oil treatment. For hot oil treatment you can use your favorite hair oil such as olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil and so on. Warm the oil and apply it to your hair. Massage your scalp with the help of your finger tips for around ten to fifteen minutes and then cover your hair with a hot towel or a shower cap for around half an hour. Then wash and shampoo your hair as usual.

If after taking all the precautions you cannot see any kind of improvement on your hair, you need to your doctor or nutritionist. At times damaged hair is an indication to some other health issues too. With a few medical tests, you can have a clear idea about the main cause behind your damaged hair and what can be done to get back healthy and shiny hair.

To conclude, with the above mentioned tips you can easily get rid of damaged hair. But you need time and patience to get back your healthy and shiny hair. Also you need to handle your hair with care and affection to minimize the damage. So, it is time to try these tips to enjoy healthy hair.

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