Top Ten Myths Related to Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the main hair problems faced by both men and women. The first sign of balding or excessive hair loss can be a nightmare for many as hair is regarded as one of the best elements of youth and beauty. To overcome the problem of hair loss, the market is flooded with several treatments, hair care products as well as home remedies. But before you look for ways to prevent hair loss, you need to be aware of the real facts related to hair loss.  

When it comes to hair loss, there are many hair related myths of which some are genuine and some are not. Before believing on the myths you need to know the actual facts behind it. This will help a lot in making the right decision regarding what can be done to prevent hair loss.

Hair myths

Here are top myths on hair loss:

Myth 1: Exposure to sun causes hair loss.

Fact: Over exposure to the sun can make you hair brittle and dull but it cannot cause hair loss. The harmful UV rays of the sun can damage your hair. So, it is advisable to cover your hair properly with a scarf or a cap to avoid hair damage. Remember that the problem of hair loss is mainly due to other reasons such as stress and lack of necessary nutrients.

Myth 2: Men only suffer from hair loss problem.

Fact: It is not true at all that men only have the problem of hair loss. Hair loss is a very common problem faced equally by both the genders. The main factors behind hair loss in women are hormonal changes in the body and thyroid problems.

Myth 3: Wearing of caps and hats can cause hair loss.

Fact: To prevent hair damage it is recommended to cover your hair with a scarf or a cap. But you must not wear them for a longer period of time if it is causing excessive sweating. Sweating can cause loss. Do not wear a tight fitting cap as it will prevent the hair from breathing. Also avoid wearing dirty caps as it can cause hair infection and hair loss.

Myth 4: Hair loss is hereditary.

Fact: It is very true that hair loss is heredity and you can get it from your mother’s side as well as from your father’s side. There are certain predominant genes that can cause hair thinning and ultimately leading to hair balding.

Myth 5: Stress is the main reason behind hair loss.

Fact: It is a fact that stress is one of the main causes of hair loss amongst both men and women. Excessive stress causes certain hormonal changes in the body which will gradually speed up the process of hair balding and hair loss. Also stress reduces blood circulation to the scalp, which means fewer nutrients reach the hair follicles to enjoy proper hair growth. Always try to keep your life free of stress in order to enjoy normal hair growth.

Myth 6: Inadequate oil application can cause hair loss.

Fact: It is very common to hear that inadequate oil application is that reason behind hair loss or hair thinning. But this is not at all true. Regular oil application is good for the overall health of the hair is it is accompanied with a gentle massage. But if hair loss is due to hereditary reasons you must not oil your hair as it can irritate the hair follicles and your scalp.

Myth 7: Hair loss is linked to old age.

Fact: Old men and women have less hair but this does not mean that a younger person cannot have the problem of hair loss. Even teenagers can suffer from excessive hair loss and hair balding. Even an old person can enjoy better hair growth provided he or she is not suffering from any kind of diseases, leading a healthy lifestyle and eating a proper and well balanced diet.

Myth 8: Excessive use of chemical enriched products causes hair loss.

Fact: Chemicals that are present in hair gels and sprays are not good for the hair and when used on regular basis it can cause hair balding. At the same time it is advisable not to use mechanical equipments like curlers and hair straightener as regular use of these hair styling tools can damage your hair. In case you need to use mechanical equipments try to keep your hair and scalp away from too much heat to avoid hair damage.

Myth 9: Lack of blood supply to the scalp causes hair loss.

Fact: There is not truth behind the statement that lack of blood supply to the scalp is the reason behind hair loss. However, proper blood circulation is necessary for hair growth as it allows necessary nutrients to reach the hair follicles. But hair follicles need more than that for proper hair growth. Also it is interesting to know that lack of blood supply to the scalp only happens when hair starts falling at a rapid speed.

Myth 10: Frequent use of shampoo causes hair loss.

Fact: It is very essential to shampoo your hair regularly to keep your scalp free of dirt and other chemical build ups. If you shampoo less often there are higher chances of hair loss problem as dirt or dandruff will build up leading to greater loss of hair. However, wrong type of shampoo can cause hair loss and so you need to choose a shampoo according to your hair type. At the same time, it is also essential to rinse your hair problem with cold water after washing your hair with a shampoo.

Well, with the above mentioned myths related to hair loss you will be able to understand the reason behind your hair loss problem. Instead of following any hair loss tip blindly it is better to know the real fact behind it. Proper knowledge will help you to enjoy healthy and beautiful hair.

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