Tips to Make Summer Days Pleasant For Your Hair!

Summer days are bright and full of life. But the moisture in the air and the scorching heat of the sun are not at all good for hair. The climatic conditions of the summer season can make your hair dry, brittle and frizzy along with the problem of split ends. This is why proper preventative steps need to be taken during this season to ensure that your hair remains healthy..

As the drawbacks of harsh sun rays on the hair cannot be ignored at any cost and it is simply not possible to remain indoor all the time, you need to be extra carefuly and make small changes in your regular hair care routine. Small changes here and there can make a big difference in the way your hair looks.   

Summer hair care

Here are some simple tips that can keep your hair look at its best:

  • During the summer days, people sweat a lot. Sweating on the scalp makes hair greasy. To stop the greasiness on hair, regular washing of hair with a shampoo that protects the strands is a must. As excessive shampooing is bad, you need to use a mild or herbal shampoo.
  • There are after-sun shampoo available in the market that can be used for washing hair after spending long hours in the sun. For washing your hair, use fresh and normal water. Cool water will help in sealing the moisture of the hair. Also it will bring shine to hair. 
  • Oiling of hair is a must during the summer days. It is advisable to use hydrating oil such as coconut oil, jojoba oil and sunflower oil.  While applying oil make sure it is spread properly right from the root till the end of the hair. Always apply oil before going to bed and leave it overnight. In the morning wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
  • Direct sun rays can damage your hair beyond repair. So, when going out in the sun, use a leave in conditioner or hair serum to protect it from the harmful sun rays. This way your hair will have the moisture level intact and there will be extra shine in your hair. 
  • You need to be healthy from inside to promote proper hair growth during the sunny days. Eat a healthy diet and make sure that your diet is rich in proteins. Always keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and fresh fruit juices. This way your hair will get all the vital nutrients required for proper hair growth.
  • Always allow your hair to dry naturally and avoid using a blow dryer. Using a blow dryer will make your hair drier and that can lead to split ends. Also limit the use of styling equipments such as curling tongs, irons, and hair dryers and so on.
  • Trim your hair in every six weeks to make your hair more manageable. Also with trimming you can get rid of brittle hair and split ends that can hamper hair growth.
  • Comb your hair at least four times a day during the summer days. It will help in keeping your hair free of dust particles and improve the blood circulation to the scalp. Use wide toothed comb followed by your regular comb.
  • Protect your hair from the direct heat of the sun and its harmful rays. So before going out in the sun cover it with a bandana, scarf, hat or a cap. Make sure your head wear is in a light color as they do not absorb excessive heat.

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  • Whenever there is sweating on the head, wash your hair with a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner. Also go for a quick shower before and after swimming, to lessen the effects of chlorine present in the water on your hair. Chlorine will severely dry out your hair if it is not washed out.
  • Avoid taking hot showers or washing your hair in hot water as the heat can dry out and damage your hair. Always use warm or cool water to wash your hair.
  • Always buy hair products that contain SPF protection so that your hair can be protected from the harmful rays of the sun which can damage the ends and strands of your hair as well as the hair follicle.

Well, it is true that summer usually makes your hair dry, frizzy and lifeless. But with the above mentioned tips will make your hair glowing with health and you can easily step out into the sun without worrying about your hair!

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