Tips on Brushing Your Hair Correctly

When it comes to a complete hair care routine, it is simply impossible to ignore the importance of brushing your hair. Brushing plays a key role in your overall hair growth rate and most of us brush our hair. However, too much brushing or doing it in a wrong way can actually damage your hair. So, it is very important to brush your hair in the correct manner.

Benefits of Brushing your hair:

  • Brushing is the best way to keep your hair detangled. It is a known fact that tangled hair looks dirty and tends to break easily also.
  • Regular brushing makes your hair shiny. This is because brushing activates the natural oils secreted by the hair glands and smoothes the hair cuticles, giving an extra shine to your hair like never before.
  • It also improves the blood circulation on the scalp. When the blood circulation is good it means more nutrients reach your hair root. Brushing your hair for 3-5 minutes can keep your hair healthy.
  • Brushing also helps to loosen the dead cells from the scalp which helps a lot in keeping the problem of dandruff under control.
  • It also helps in removing accumulated dirt and sebum on the scalp which is one of the main reasons behind dry and damaged hair. When you scalp is free of dirt it allows hair to grow properly.

Hair brush

Well, looking at the benefits of brushing, there is no doubt that brushing play an important role in maintaining the health of your hair. But this does not mean that you can take any of the brushes available in the market and start brushing your hair. There are some special rules and methods to brush your hair so that you can enjoy its benefits. But before that you need to have the right brush.

There are various types of hair brushes available in the market and, each capable of a unique function. Different types of hair need different kinds of brushes. In the market, you can find different types of brushes such as Styling Brush, Vented Brush, Round Brush with Bristles, Round Brush with Tines, Paddle Brush, Pneumatic Brush with a rubber-cushion base and so on. The difference can be in the form, use of material and structure of the bristles.

When it comes to the bristles, brushes can be made up of natural bristles, plastic bristles, nylon bristles or wire bristles. Just like the bristles, the body of brush can be made up of wood, plastic, rubber or molded materials. On top of that you can find brushes with different types of bristle arrangement like bristles arranged with wider spaces between the rows, bristles arranged too closely and so on. It is better to buy a brush with wide bristles, as it will slip through the hair easily and you don’t have to struggle much. Also for extra comfort, there are also cushioned brushes.

Using the right and a high quality brush is important for overall hair growth. The best way to find to find out the quality of a hair brush is by running it on your forearm near the elbow. If the bristles of the brush feel smooth but firm, it means you have found the right brush for your hair. Never buy a brush with bristles that feel harsh on your skin.

Tips to brush your hair:

  • Always brush your hair when it is dry. Never make the mistake of brushing your hair when it wet as it can lead to unnecessary hair breakage.
  • For those having long hair, it is better to brush hair before washing it.
  • Always comb your hair first with a wide tooth comb and then go for brushing.
  • Start brushing your hair from the hair ends and then gradually moving your way towards the roots.
  • Never brush your hair with force as it can damage the hair cuticles.
  • To add volume to your hair, hang your head down and then brush your hair gently from upward to downward position.

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Some more points:

  • For those having long, thick or coarse hair must use a paddle brush.
  • For those having fine or limp hair must use a round brush.
  • For those having medium or long hair and want some curls must use a round brush.
  • For those having short hair must use a vented brush.
  • You must clean your hair brush once a week. Pull out the dead hairs from your brush and then soak it in warm soapy water for some time. This will help in cleaning the base and bristles of your brush. Allow the brush to dry up properly before using it again.
  • There is no truth behind the myth, ‘Brush your hair 100 strokes every night’. In fact, you should always brush your hair until your hair is free of tangles. Over brushing can damage your hair and cause split ends.
  • Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet as during this time hair is very fragile in nature and brushing can cause unnecessary hair breakage.
  • Prolonged brushing can harm the hair and so brush your hair only when necessary.
  • Avoid using a brush having sharp teethed bristles as it can tear the hair apart and can cause damage to the scalp also.
  • The end of the bristles must be rounded to minimize the mechanical damage to hair.
  • Buy a brush depending upon the length and density of your hair. For instance, for those having short length hair must use a short brush to have a better control while brushing.

To conclude, brushing your hair with the right brush and in the right manner will definitely make it grow faster and look good. So, never forget to brush your hair for at least five to ten minutes before going to sleep.

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