Three Top foods For Your Hair!

No matter how much expensive hair products you use for your hair, nothing can benefit it if your hair is not getting the much required nourishment from within. Hair should be healthy from inside first and then only you can enjoy better hair growth as well as shiny and well manageable hair.

So, instead of spending unnecessary money on expensive shampoos, conditioners, serums and other hair care products, first think about your daily diet plan. Does your diet plan include all the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins required for proper hair growth and maintenance?

Well, due to hectic and busy lifestyle most of us do not take a well planned diet which our body as well as hair needs. But, there is nothing to worry about as there are certain food items that can improve the condition of your hair and you can enjoy lustrous looking hair. Just include certain foods in your diet to give your hair the much needed nutrients to make it healthy form deep within.

Here are top thee foods for beautiful, stronger hair.



Eggs promote healthy hair due to its high sulphur content along with different types of vitamins and minerals. Egg is also a rich source of a special kind of vitamin knows as biotin which helps in hair growth. Lack of biotin can be the reason behind dry and brittle hair which often leads to unnecessary hair breakage. When two eggs are consumed daily, it can make your hair grow at a much faster rate. Eggs can be consumed in a number of ways. You can eat scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs or make your favorite egg salad. But when eating eggs to promote hair growth, you need to eat the egg yolk and not just egg whites to make sure your body is getting the adequate amount of protein required for hair growth. Along with that, you can use raw eggs to condition your hair as it contain lots of protein. Hair is composed of 70 percent keratin protein, so the protein present in eggs will help in rebuilding the damaged hair and making your hair strong.

Green Leafy Vegetables:


Green leafy vegetables contain almost all the required nutrient for healthy hair growth. Most of the green vegetables contain vitamin C and vitamin A. While vitamin A helps in the production of natural sebum on the scalp to keep it moisturized, Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen that prevents the hair from breaking. Some of the leafy green vegetables that are good for your hair are spinach, fenugreek leaves, mustard green, cabbage, lettuce, and broccoli and so on. As there is a wide variety of green leafy vegetables available in the market, it makes it easy for people to choose one or two according to their taste preference. When green leafy vegetables are consumed regularly, you can enjoy shiny and beautiful hair.


Strawberries raspberries

Strawberry is rich source of vitamin C that helps in absorbing iron, which is necessary for healthy and proper hair growth. At the same strawberries contain different types of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins which can help in keeping your hair well moisturized and prevent dandruff, hair thinning and hair loss. Eating three to four strawberries daily can make your hair stronger. For those who want glossy and silky hair can also use strawberry hair mask. To make the hair mask, take the pulp of eight fresh strawberries and add one tablespoon of mayonnaise to it. Mix it properly and apply it thoroughly in slightly damp hair. Leave for ten minutes and then shampoo your hair.

To conclude, by adding the above mentioned three foods in your diet plan, you can make a lot of difference in the overall health of your hair. Along with these food items, you also need to keep your body well hydrated, enjoy a good lifestyle, sleep properly and maintain a proper a proper hair care regimen to enjoy better hair.

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