Stop Hair Shrinkage and Enjoy Stretched Hair

Natural curly and wavy hair mostly has the problem of hair shrinkage. It means irrespective of the original length of hair it will always look shorter. This mainly happens as natural curly hair is extremely dry by nature and thus it is difficult to styles them. People with natural curly hair often try different hair care products to get the much desired length so that they can style their hair in different ways. Instead of products, there are also some methods that can stretch the hair.


Three popular ways to reduce hair shrinkage are:


This method is a great way to stretch the hair without the need you flat irons or straightening machines.  It is a simply method and can be easily done at home without any assistance. For banding, first wash your hair and allow it to dry naturally. Now take a handful of seamless hair bands in smaller size. Brush your hair properly to remove any tangs and take a small portion of hair and with the help of small hair band secure it properly at the base of the hair and use as many hair bands you need to cover the whole hair. Now take another portion of hair and repeat the process and continue till all the hair is tied into small ponytails. Keep the hair bands close to each other to make your hair more stretched. Now use a scarf and cover your hair for ten to twelve hours. Finally when you will take out the hair bands out of your hair you will find beautifully stretched hair. This is a bit time consuming method but the final results are worth trying it. Your hair will remain stretched for the next three to four days.


This is a time consuming process to stretch your natural curly hair, but the end results are very satisfactory. Take a small section of your fresh washed hair and loosely braid it till the end. Make similar braids from the remaining hair. Loose braids will maintain the curly pattern of your hair while tight braids will make your hair more stretched. If your hair is extremely dry, you can use some oil and then braid your hair. Finally cover your hair properly and allow your hair to set for at least ten hours before opening the braids. Brush your hair gently and you are ready to style your hair the way you want it.


Twisting method is much more effective as compared to braiding. Here small sections of hair are tightly twisted till the ends so that the curls can stretch as much as possible. Take a section of hair and divide it into two parts and simply twist them around each other. You can go for both thin and thick twists depending upon what you want. Thin twists will stretch the hair from the root but end part will have a curly pattern. On the other hand, thicker twists will stretch out the whole length of your hair except the roots. It is important to bear in mind that for better result twisting method must be done on slightly damp hair. Your hair will remain stretched for four to five days or until your next hair wash.

Bantu Knots:

It is also a great way to stretch out the curls of natural black hair. It is a simple and easy process that you can easily do it at home without any assistance. Before making Bantu knots you must wash your hair thoroughly and condition it. Apply shea butter or avocado butter on your hair and comb your hair properly to remove tangles. Now divide your damp hair into sections and take one section of hair and twist it all around the hair and tuck the end under itself. Finally secure it with small seamless hair bands. Repeat the step with the remaining hair. Once done it will look like small knots of hair on your head. It is up to you whether you wish to keep the knots smaller or bigger in size. After ten to twelve hours you can open the Bantu knots and gently finger comb through the roots to make your hair fluffy and stretched. Now you can style your hair the way you always want your hair to look like.

All the above mentioned method can loosen up your natural curly hair lot and give it the much desired length. But it is also important to bear in mind that the problem of hair shrinkage will always be there with natural curly hair no matter how much you try to stop it. However the problem of hair dryness can be solved to some extent with regular conditioning treatments. Natural curly hair needs conditioning treatments to give them a ‘softening’ effect. So, keep your hair conditioned and drink plenty of water to maintain the moisture level of your dry hair in order to keep your natural curly hair well maintained.

To conclude, love your natural curly hair and avoid using too much products or heat as it can cause damage to your hair. Banding, twisting and braiding can help you a lot but do not try to follow these methods regularly.

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