Some Odd Reasons Behind Hair Fall

The reasons behind hair fall can be many ranging from food habits to illness, from pollution to stress. As hair fall can hugely affect the appearance and persona of a person, it is important to control it before it is too late. Before going to a doctor for treating your hair fall problem you must be sure that you are treating your hair properly.

Hair loss

There are certain habits of human beings that are not good for hair. Often the reasons behind hair fall are some of these habits that we are not generally aware of. These habits are very obvious reasons behind hair fall, and still we ignore it. For maintaining the overall health of your hair, you must have some knowledge about these common habits and try to correct them without any delay.

Here are some unusual and odd reasons behind hair fall:

Wearing helmets for long hours:

Wearing a helmet is very important while driving bikes for your own safety. But wearing this essential safety gear for long hours can cause hair fall also. When your wear a helmet, air cannot enter the head and hence it causes excessive sweating that accumulates on the scalp and weaken the hair roots. When the roots become weak, hair will start falling out sooner or later. But this does not mean that you need to stop wearing helmets which offers protection to your head during an accident. You can also look for an alternative solution like wearing a cotton scarf before putting the helmet on your head. You can ask your doctor to help you out from this situation. If possible avoid driving and even though driving is essential do not go for long hours.

Taking bath with hot water:

If you have the habit of taking a bath or washing your hair with hot water, you must think twice. Your regular hot water bath can be the reason behind hair fall. The steam that comes out of hot water can open up the pores of your hair follicles leading to hair fall and will even strip away the natural oil and moisture from your hair. So, instead of hot water, you must use lukewarm or cold water to wash your hair. Cold water will make your hair look healthier and shinier as it can close the hair cuticle. Closed hair cuticles will also prevent dirt from easily accumulating within your scalp which will keep it clean. If you are using lukewarm water to wash your hair you must use cold water for the final rinse to make it shiny.

Forceful combing:

If you are suffering from hair fall you must have a close look at how you are combing your hair. Combing your with a wrong comb or in the wrong manner can cause severe hair fall. It is true that when you apply pressure while combing hair it improves the blood circulation to the scalp but before applying pressure your hair must be free from knots. Combing your hair forcefully through tangles will cause stress on the scalp leading to hair breakage and hair fall. So, before you start combing, divide your hair into sections and then focus on combing one section of hair and then move towards the next. This way you will find it easy to comb your hair. Always comb your hair with light strokes starting from the hair ends and then gradually moving towards the roots. Also you must comb your hair daily.

Handling wet hair:

When your hair is wet it is at a very weak and vulnerable stage. You must handle your wet hair gently and with extra care. Roughly rubbing your hair with a towel can cause hair fall. Try to just squeeze out as much water as you can from your hair before stepping out from the shower. You can blot your hair with a cotton towel to remove the extra water and then allow your wet hair to dry naturally. When your hair is around 80% dry which means little damp after washing your hair, put some hair oil or leave in conditioner and then only proceed to comb your hair.

Tight hair styles:

While choosing a hairstyle, most of us prefer to tie our hair tightly as gives a clean look and there are no loose strands coming out and falling in our face. But next time when you tie your hair too tightly, be alert as it can be the reason behind your hair fall. Tying your hair tightly in braids, ponytails, or buns can pull back the hair strands and cause hair breakage. Also it can lead to a receding hairline from the front making you look bald. It is a better option to change your hairstyle in every few days and choose a loose one that will not cause pressure on the hair. This way you hair will grow freely and you will notice less hair fall.

To conclude, it is not a good idea to ignore hair fall reasons as it can make your hair look thinner day by day. In case you want to solve the problem of hair fall you must try to follow healthy habits that will pamper your hair and make them look beautiful like never before.

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