Simple Ways to Do Hair Spa Treatment At Home

Well maintained and healthy hair is the desire of every woman.  This is one reason why the beauty industry is flooded with end number of hair care products. Even people are ready to spend money on hair care products to enjoy healthy and beautiful hair. But often people forget the fact that most of the products contain chemicals and harmful ingredients that can ultimately damage the hair. Well, if you are really looking for a safe way to make your hair healthy, then you can opt for hair spa treatment.

Hair spa is a new concept that can easily solve for various hair problems, like, hair loss, dull and damaged hair, itchy scalp, dandruff, split ends, etc. Basically a hair spa treatment involves oil massage of the scalp, shampooing and conditioning. The whole procedure takes around one hour. Experts recommend going for hair spa treatment in every two months.

Home hair spa

This kind of hair treatment is offered by almost all hair salons and beauty parlors. However instead of making an appointment at a beauty parlor and hair salon, you can do a hair spa treatment at home also.

Here is how you can do hair spa treatment at home:

Massage the scalp:

First of all you need to properly massage your hair and scalp with warm olive oil for ten to fifteen minutes. You need to massage the scalp in circular motions with the help of your finger tips. After that take a cotton cloth, soak it in warm water, remove the excess water and then wrap the warm cloth around your hair properly. Leave for about ten minutes. Oiling and massaging will help to reduce hair fall and bring a shine in the hair.

Wash your hair:

Next you need to wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo or any herbal shampoo. When you shampoo your hair, it becomes free of dirt, dust and oil residues. You must rinse your hair properly with lukewarm water.  Do not use too cold or too hot water as it can cause damage to the hair strands.

Apply a deep conditioner.

Your hair should be still wet to carry out the next step. Get a deep conditioning mask suitable for your hair type and apply it thoroughly on your hair. Take a small amount of the conditioner and apply it on your hair after dividing your hair into small sections. Wait for about five minutes and then wash your hair properly with lukewarm water. This step will help to retain the shine and moisture in the hair which often gets lost due to pollution and dryness.

Use a hair mask:

Finally you need to use a hair mask in order to nourish your hair. There are different types of hair mask that you can use on your hair. To make a hair mask at home you need two beaten eggs and mix it with six tablespoon of coconut oil. Whisk the mixture properly and then apply it on your scalp and massage with your fingers. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave the mask for at least twenty minutes. Rinse it off with water and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Those who cannot tolerate the smell of raw eggs can make a hair mask by mixing half a cup of mayonnaise with two tablespoon honey. Put the ingredients in a blender to get a smooth texture. Now apply this hair mask in a generous way onto the scalp. Wash it off after half an hour with a mild shampoo. Irrespective of which hair mask you prefer, once your hair becomes dry you will notice a huge difference in your hair texture and quality. You will feel like touching your hair again and again. Even other people cannot stop from passing positive remark on your hair.

Final Words

Hair spa treatment is the perfect solution for nourishing and rejuvenating your tresses. Just invest few hours in a month or two and nothing can stop you from enjoy healthy, shiny and well nourished hair.

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