Simple Tips To Tame Your Curly Hair

Curly hair can be very hard to deal with. Curly hair becomes easily tangled, dry, frizzy, and can look ugly no matter how your style it. Without proper care, curly hair can become unmanageable, frizzy, messy and brittle. So, such type of hair requires more care as compared to straight hair.

But in case you have curly hair, there is nothing to worry about. You can easily tame your curls and make your hair more manageable. What you need to do is just follow some useful tips regularly.    

Tame curly hair

Below are some tips on managing curly hair.

  • It is important to keep your hair clean by washing it with a shampoo. It is true that hair shampoo can strip the natural oils from your hair. But if you are using the right shampoo, you do not have to worry much. Wash your hair whenever you feel it’s dirty but do not wash your hair unnecessarily. Too much use of shampoo can block the pores within your scalp that can hamper your hair growth rate.
  • Use a conditioner every time after you shampoo your hair. This will help in maintaining the moisturize level of your hair. Conditioner should be applied to wet hair and do not rinse thoroughly. The little bit of conditioner that remains on your curly will help you in managing the curls.
  • Buy hair care products such as shampoo, gel, conditioner, leave-in conditioner that are specifically designed for curly hair. A wrong product can make your hair more dry and frizzy.
  • Always keep your hair away from excessive heat as it will only have negative effects on your hair. The impact of heat on curry hair cannot be repaired easily.
  • People having curly hair must never use narrow toothed combs and brushes. Wide-toothed comb is perfect for curly hair as it will cause less breakage and frizzing.
  • One very important tip is to keep your hair hydrated at all times. Dry hair is fragile in nature and can easily have split ends. Also dry hair is difficult to manage. Whenever you feel like your curly hair is dry, just spray some water to make certain that your hair is moisturized.
  • Trim your curly hair regularly in every 5 to 6 weeks time period. Trimming will increase the health and growth of your hair. Without trimming, your hair will break and become thin.
  • For those having curly hair must drink an average of 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Water is essential for the overall growth of hair. When your body gets enough water, your curls will naturally shiny with health.
  • Allow your hair to dry naturally in order to reduce the frizzy element from your hair. Also using a towel roughly to dry your hair. If you need your hair to dry quickly, take a towel to blot the excess water from your hair, but do not rub it.
  • Always use natural oils to keep hair moisturized and healthy. For instance, you can use coconut oil, shea butter oil, olive oil, almond oil and so on to reduce the frizz.  Apply oil on your hair when wet and before styling.
  • To detangle your hair, first moist your hair and then apply a conditioner. Detangle hair using your fingers first and then use a wide toothed comb. Then rinse your hair with water but make sure some of the conditioner is still there on your hair.
  • Deep condition your hair once or twice a month to re-moisturize your scalp and hair. Use any hot oil treatment at night for deep conditioning.
  • Avoid playing with your hair or touching it unnecessarily. Too much touching will cause friction which will tangle your hair. It is difficult to manage curly hair when there is the issue of friction.
  • Always wash your curly with cold water as it helps in locking the moisture in your hair strands. Cold water will also increase the shine of your hair and reduce frizz.
  • Never wrap curly wet hair in a terrycloth towel. Instead, dry your curly hair gently with a cotton towel to avoid hair breakage.
  • Before swimming, apply an extra layer of conditioner to hair to protect it from chlorine found in water. And always use a swim cap.

Well, people with curly hair can find managing their hair very difficult. But now you can easily tame them by following the above mentioned tips. Now you can easily keep your curly hair healthy, gorgeous, and frizz-free.

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