Simple Strategies to Increase Scalp Blood Circulation

Proper flow of blood is important for our overall health and there is a deep connection between good blood circulation to the scalp and your hair growth rate. So, it becomes important to ensure that adequate blood flows to the scalp for promoting healthy and faster hair growth.

Hair needs different types of nutrients to grow and it receives these useful and essential nutrients via the bloodstream. Good supply of blood to your hair follicles means increased supply of nutrients to your hair. The more nutrients your hair gets, the stronger and beautiful it will be. Also there will be improvement in hair growth rate.

A scalp that does not receive ample blood supply will never promote healthy hair growth. This is due to the fact that our hair follicles totally depend on the supply of blood flow to get all the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. As a part of a healthy hair regimen, you need to make sure that there is ample supply of blood to the scalp.

Scalp circulation

Here are some easy ways to ensure that:

Regular exercise:

Exercise is good for your overall health. It will not only keep you fit but also help in increasing blood flow to the entire body. Here it does not mean that you need to devote some one or two hours daily for exercise. Just thirty minutes walk can make a lot of difference. When you are physically active, the blood veins become apparent improving the overall blood circulation of your body. If outdoor activity is not your cup of tea, then you must do yoga or daily stretching. Do exercises that focus on the movement of your head and neck area. Just follow a regular routine of some sort of physical activity and you will soon notice changes in your hair growth rate.


Simple hair massage can make your hair grow faster. This is because when you massage your scalp it creates stimulation resulting in good blood flow to the scalp. Make it a daily routine to massage your scalp before going to bed for at least 15 to 20 daily. Always use your finger tips for massaging your scalp. For better result you can even use some hair oil such as olive, almond, sesame, grapeseed or coconut oil. There are three benefits of using oil for scalp massage such as it will strengthen the roots, improve the condition of your scalp, and increase in blood supply to the scalp. Also after a tired day, scalp massage can make you relax, forget the stress and help in sleeping. 

Healthy diet:

A healthy diet is essential for our overall health. Well balanced diet helps in improving the blood circulation of our body. Various nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals are required for healthy hair. There are certain herbs and food items that can help in improving the blood circulation to the scalp. For instance regular intake of Ginseng, Nettle, Jojoba, Ginkgo Biloba, Saw Palmetto and so on can be good for your hair growth. You can eat these herbs or use hair care products made with these herbs.

Cold showers:

It is a known fact that hot shower is not good for hair. This is why experts always recommend using lukewarm or cold water for hair washing. Also by taking a cold shower you can hugely improve the circulation of blood to your scalp. When cold water touches the body, the capillary size in the body also gets increased to improve the body temperature. This results in the increase in blood flow to the scalp. You can go for cold shower once or twice in a week but not more than that. 

Deep breathing:

Experts suggest that deep breathing exercises help in increasing the blood flow to your scalp. By deep breathing it means you need to take deep full breaths as compared to the shallow chest breaths that we are normally used to. When you do deep breathing exercises, oxygen from the air will travel all the way down to the lower parts of the lungs. Also our heart pumps more blood into the body which ultimately means increase in blood circulation. 

Heat treatment:

Applying heat treatment to your head is also a great way to increase the flow of blood to your scalp. For heat treatment you can use a heating pad or a hot water bottle. Take a heating pad or a hot water bottle with bearable heat and place it on top of your head or scalp. Be careful in using this heat treatment or there can be accidents. For positive results, it should have a warm temperature like a hot bath or hot tub.

To conclude, ensuring good blood supply to the scalp is essential in keeping our hair healthy. With age, there will be less blood circulation to the scalp. But by following the above mentioned tips regularly, you can ensure ample blood flow to your scalp to enjoy well nourished and healthy hair.

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