Seven Top Signs Indicating Hair Makeover

Often we go for a dress makeover or look makeover to give a new touch to the way we look. We all wish to look better than anyone else and this is why time to time makeover is important. A complete makeover will not be considered complete until and unless you do some changes in your hair style or go for a new hair cut. Hair makeover is important but most of us ignore it as we are not even aware of the signs.

There are some tale signs that strongly indicate for a hair makeover. But do you know the signs that say your hair desperately needs a makeover?

Hair makeover

To help you out, here are top signs:

Hair Lacks Volume:

No matter how you style your hair, if the hair at the top looks flat and hair at the sides are heavy enough, it indicates that your hair lacks volume. For hair without volume it becomes impossible to style it in a proper manner. Also when your hair becomes limp and has got split ends, your hair needs a haircut. A layered haircut will allow you to retain your hair length and at the same time will offer some volume to your hair. If not a haircut, even trimming can do the trick.

Takes More Time to Style Your Hair:

When you are getting ready for the day and you find that it is taking more than the required time to style your hair. When your hair is healthy and manageable, you will need just a few minutes to style your hair. So, when you need to devote more time on your hair, it indicates you are sporting a wrong hair cut as per your hair type and texture. You need to change something, either your haircut or the hair care products you are using.

Noticeable Roots:

It is quite common to color your hair. But when you color your hair you need to bear in mind that the new hair that comes out from the root will not have your original hair color. This is why noticeable roots is an indication that your hair needs a touch up. Noticeable roots or fade out hair color look ugly. You can fix it up by going at the salon or updating your hair color right at your home. Also you can opt for a hair color that is very close to your original hair color. This way the difference in hair color will not be that noticeable.

Monotonous Hairstyle:

When you style your hair in the same manner all the time it does not highlight the changes in your dressing style or the way you have done your makeup. For things to get noticed, it is important to change your hairstyle too. For instance if you have always tie your straight long hair in a ponytail then you must try out bangs or layers to help you style your hair in a different manner. Your hair stylist can suggest you some hairstyles which will look good on your hair texture and the shape of your hair. Start with a versatile hair cut, and then only think about changing your hair color.

No Hair Compliments:

When you do not nay complements from anywhere for your hair, It means something is wrong and you need to do something fast. You may need a new haircut or a new hairstyle. You can ask your hair expert for some valuable suggestions to give your hair a brand new look which will compliment your look and your dressing sense. Well, when something is different from regular, people around you will surely notice it. Soon, plenty of compliments will be showered on you by others.

You Look the Same:

Changes in life are essential or otherwise people will not notice about you. When you meet someone after a gap of few years and he or she says that it is easy to recognize you as there are no significant changes in you, then take it as a warning sign. Make an appointment with your hair stylist and ask him to do something to your hair so that you get a new look too. Here it does not mean that you need to color your hair in red and cut your long hair into short. Just a little change in the way you style your hair or a more prominent hair cut can do the magic.

You Look Older:

It is true that with age things get changed and we all wish to age with grace. But if you look older than your age, it is a matter of concern. Nobody wants to look older than the age and it makes people happy if there age is not visible. You might look older than your age due to the way you style your hair. So, this is the time when a hair makeover is a must. A new hair color or a new hair cut can make your look younger.


In case you are noticing any of the above mentioned signs, it surely means you need a hair makeover. Hurry and schedule an appointment with your hair stylist and change the way you style your hair. It is worth going for a hair makeover as you can see yourself in a new form and others will also notice the new changes in your look.

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