Sesame Oil and Hair Care Benefits

No matter whether you have short, long, black, or curly hair, what everyone wants is a good hair growth. For better hair growth rate, you need to ensure that your scalp is clean and it gets all the essential nutrients required for the hair to stay healthy. Right from the environment where you reside, your food habit, your lifestyle, your hair care routine, how much rest your body gets to what hair products you use on your hair will play a key role in deciding the healthy and growth of your hair. 

One important way to keep hair healthy is regular oiling with good and useful hair oil. When it comes to oiling your hair, sesame oil is a great option. This hair oil is extracted from the flower sesamum when the seeds on the pod are at edible stage. This hair oil is known for its highly nourishing, healing and lubricating properties which are good for overall health of your hair.

Sesame oil

Some of the hair benefits of sesame oil are:

  • It works like a natural sunscreen for your hair and offer full protection from the damaging and harmful UV rays of the sun. At the same time it also protects hair from the damaging effects of harmful environmental pollutants.
  • The anti bacterial properties found in this oil help in keeping the scalp free of infections and fungus.
  • This oil can bring extra shine to your hair by making them soft and more manageable.
  • It nourishes the hair making the roots stronger. This helps in solving the problem of untimely hair breakage.
  • The hair darkening qualities of this oil is beneficial for people having pre-mature gray hair or those having plenty of gray hair.
  • The problem of dandruff can also be solved with regular massage of scalp with this hair oil which has high nourishing properties.
  • This hair oil is also used in the hair of children to kill lice infestations.
  • The cooling properties of this oil help alleviate stress which is considered as a major factor behind hair fall.
  • Badly damaged hair due to excessive use of chemicals can again become healthy with regular application of this oil on scalp and hair.
  • A regular warm sesame oil massage allows deep penetration of oil in the scalp. This results in enhanced blood circulation, thereby promoting hair growth from within.
  • The replenishing and rejuvenating qualities of sesame oil are used in the treatment of split ends and brittleness in hair. 

Best ways to use this oil:

For massage:

To use this oil for massaging your scalp, you must mix it with any other carrier oil such as almond oil or olive oil. Always mix different hair oils in equal amounts. Use your fingertips to apply it directly to scalp and massage for five to ten minutes in a circular motion. Massage will help in increasing blood circulation to the scalp which results in healthy hair growth.

Hot oil treatment:

You can use this oil for hot oil treatment by mixing it with any carrier oil. Warm the oil mixture slightly and then apply it to slightly wet hair. Make sure to apply this oil thoroughly on the scalp as well as on your hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and allow the oil to sit for thirty to sixty minutes.  Later on wash your hair with warm water and a mild shampoo. 

Hair moisturizer:

This oil also acts as a great moisturizer for your hair. Fill an empty spray bottle with some filtered water and then add two tablespoon each of sesame oil, coconut milk, and any carrier oil. Now whenever you feel your hair is dry, just spray this mixture lightly over hair. Soon your hair will get the much required moisture.


It is important to condition your hair from time to time and sesame oil is a great hair conditioner. Warm sesame oil and mix it with your favorite deep conditioner. Massage the scalp with it and wrap the scalp and hair with a towel, for around half an hour. Later on wash your hair as usual. If you want you can leave the oil on hair overnight and shampoo the next morning.

To conclude, regular use of this oil, as a part of your hair care routine will ensure that you enjoy good and healthy hair for years to come. Well then, don’t wait anymore for getting beautiful and lustrous hair!  Get a bottle of sesame oil today only. 

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  1. The best thing in my experience for growing hair and preventing hair loss is argan oil because it has tons of benefits, it’s super light on hair, and absorbs fast. I use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil and my hair is thicker, stronger and more resilient.

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