Quickest Ways to Handle a Bad Hair Day

Bad hair day is not less than a nightmare for many. You are done with your makeup and dress but you are finding it difficult to style your hair the way you want it to be and you do not know what to do about it. Even after repeated attempts, if you cannot make your hair presentable; you are surely having a ‘bad hair day’.

Reasons behind bad hair days

There are mainly two reasons behind bad hair days. The very first reason is greasy hair which happens after two or three days of washing your hair. The next reason behind bad hair days is lack of oil which can be due to not applying oil before washing your hair. Lack of oil and moisture can make your hair extremely unmanageable. Unwashed hair and friction on hair can also be the reasons behind your bad hair day.

Bad hair day

You need to bear in mind that nothing much can be done about it. But with few tricks you can surely deal with bad hair days with confidence.

Here are some tips and tricks to handle a bad hair day:

Wash with plain water:

If greasy hair is the reason behind your unruly hair, then simply take a quick shower. There is no need to use a shampoo or a conditioner. Just wash your hair with plain water to take out the extra oil from your hair. Without the greasy feeling, your hair will look more presentable and you will find it more manageable.

Hair gel:

In case you forget to oil your hair before washing it, you hair may become extremely unmanageable. As it is not possible to oil your hair again and then wash it, you need to look for an alternative method. You can take some hair gel and apply it on your hair to fix it. Instead of hair gel you can also rub some olive oil or almond oil on your hair to make it more presentable.

Smart hairstyle:

If you are not aware of the reason behind your bad hair day and do not have much time to waste, you need to quickly think about a hairstyle that can cover up your unruly hair in a smart manner. You can put your hair in a ponytail or go for a cute bun or one big braid. Use clips and bobby pins to keep your hair in place or put a hair band to accessorize your hair. A smart hairstyle can hide the disaster and help you to get ready within minutes.

Talcum powder:

For a quick fix for your oily and greasy hair, a small amount of baby powder, talcum powder, or dry shampoo can be enough. Any of these products can absorb some of the oil in your hair until you have the time for a proper hair wash. Take little amount baby powder, talcum powder, or dry shampoo and rub it through your hair and after few minutes brush your hair properly. Brushing will help the extra powder to come out of your hair. Now you are ready to style your hair according to your taste.

Cover your hair:

To deal with a bad hair day, you can wear a lovely hair. By wearing a hat you can hide your unruly hair and look smart as well. You must choose a hat that suits your outfit to make your appearance flawless. You can also use a cute scarf after making a ponytail to spice up your hairstyle. A broad scarf can cover all your hair and will look good if you are going to the beach. A narrow hand band will give you the look of the 70’s. Hair accessories will not allow others to notice your ‘bad hair day’.

Face it:

It is important to face your bad hair day with confidence. Everyone suffers from bad hair day and you are not an exception. Instead of allowing your hair to spoil your mood for the whole day, try to focus on other important things in your hair. Best way to tackle the situation is to pretend you are not suffering from a bad hair day. Relax and think wisely and if required you can ask your hair dresser to fix the hair or ask any of your friends for some smart suggestions.

Some tips to avoid bad hair day:

  • You can wake up with manageable hair and avoid bad hair day by using satin pillowcases. Satin will not cause friction and there will be no tangles also which means no bad hair day when you wake up in the morning.
  • Say no to heat if you do not want to face a bad hair day in your life again. Protect your hair from direct sunrays and heat generated by blow dryers, straightening machines, flat irons and so on. In case you need to use hair styling tools, first coat your hair with a protective serum and then use it.
  • Deep conditioning treatment in every fifteen days can improve the condition of your hair and put a full stop to unruly and unmanageable hair. It is important to have the right balance of moisture on your hair.
  • In case you are witnessing bad hair days more frequently, it means you need a haircut. A haircut can help you in keeping your hair well tamed and fresh looking. Your hairdresser can suggest you the best hairstyle that can be managed easily.
  • Keep a close eye on the hair care products you are using. Sometime there are certain ingredients used in hair care products that can trigger a bad hair day. Changing the products can also solve the problem to a great extent.

So next time when you are having a bad hair day, you need to face it with confidence. Just follow the above mentioned tips to hide away the flaws and make your hair more presentable. It’s time to say goodbye to bad hair day!

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