Popular Hair Myths and Their Real Facts

There are many thoughts on hair that have been around in our society for ages. Also it is common to find people telling so many things about hair care tips and hair loss. But are these just some myths or there is some truth behind it? If it is myth you need to avoid them and in case it is a real fact you need to follow them.

Some popular hair myths and the facts behind it:

Hair myths

Myth: Hair will always have the same texture.

Fact: Well, this is not at all true. Even though you are born with straight, curly or wavy hair, as you grow there can be gradual changes in the texture of your hair. Pregnancy, various medications, chemotherapy treatment, environmental influences, age and other variables can cause change in your hair texture. This change can be temporary or permanent.

Myth: Excessive washing of hair is bad.

Fact: You can wash your hair as often as you feel it is dirty or greasy. Experts recommend that one should wash their hair three times a week with a shampoo that suits your hair type and texture. The right shampoo will add moisture, volume and beauty to your hair. Never forget that unwashed hair for a longer period of time can get the pores on the scalp blocked which can cause various hair problems.

Myth: Changing your shampoo regularly is good.

Fact: If you are using the right shampoo that suits your hair type, texture and condition and you are satisfied with the results, there is no point in changing it. Your favorite shampoo will work the same every time you wash your hair. However, in the beginning you can try different brands to come to the conclusion as which one suits your hair the most.

Myth: Covered hair can cause hair loss.

Fact: It is important to protect your hair by wearing a cap or a hat when going out. Unless you are wearing a tight cap or hat that can hamper the flow of blood circulation to your hair follicles, it can never cause hair loss. In fact, wearing a hat or a cap is must during the extreme cold days and summer days.

Myth: Standing on your head cures hair loss.

Fact: Standing with your heads down will not at all improve your hair loss problem. The process will surely improve the blood flow to your head which can stimulate hair growth to some extent. But hair follicles need more than that for proper hair growth. Instead to get rid of hair loss, you must concentrate on healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

Myth: Blow drying can cause hair loss.

Fact: Well, using a blow dryer will not cause permanent hair loss. Blow drying can you’re your hair drier, which can cause hair loss but it is not permanent. Basically it is how you use the blow drier that can cause various hair problems. Keep your hair and scalp away from too much heat as it can cause severe damage to hair. Also keep the setting of your blow dryer to the minimum.

Myth: Rinsing with cold water makes hair shiny.

Fact: It is true that rinsing with cold water after a shampoo will give an extra shine to your hair. This is because cold water helps to close the cuticle layer on the hair strands and it also helps your conditioner to work better, leaving the hair more lustrous.

Myth: 100 brush strokes a day is good for hair.

Fact: Brushing your hair is good for stimulating blood circulation to the scalp but too much brushing can damage the hair cuticle. This will ultimately lead to split ends and breakage. Try not to brush too often. Always brush your hair to detangle the knots in the hair. Also brushing should be done firmly but gently and only with a good quality brush.

Myth: Frequent haircuts make hair grow faster.

Fact: This is totally false as the hair growth rate or overall hair texture is determined by hormones. Thus, your hair growth rate will not be affected by cutting the length of your hair. Hair grows around half an inch per month, whether you cut it or not. However when you cut your hair, it looks thicker at the base, but as soon as it grows out again, it will get back to normal.

Myth: Color treatment causes hair loss.

Fact: Hair color can damage the hair shaft but it will not cause hair loss. Most hair coloring products contain chemicals which can give a dull and lifeless look to your hair. If hair coloring is important for you always opt for a good quality product having gentle ingredients. Also you can always consult a professional stylist to find what type of color treatment will suit your hair.

Myth: Split ends can be repaired.

Fact: There is practically no way to repair split ends. There are certain hair care products that can smooth down the cuticle giving it a better look but the split ends will always be there. The only thing you can do to get rid of spilt ends is to trim your hair. If you do not cut split ends it can travel up the hair shaft towards the roots.

Myth: Stress can cause temporary hair loss.

Fact: It is true that when you are stressed, you can suffer from excess hair loss problem. Stress reduces blood circulation to the scalp, which means fewer nutrients reach the hair follicles to enjoy proper growth. Severe stress will have a direct impact on hair growth and may even cause temporary hair loss. But as soon as you keep the stress level under control, you will start enjoying normal hair growth.

Myth: If you pluck out one gray hair, it will cause two or three more hair to turn gray.

Fact: There is no truth behind this popular hair myth. Each follicle has a single hair, and when you pluck it, other hair follicles will not be affected at all. However it is advisable not to pluck any of your gray hair as it can damage the roots, cause scalp infection or leave a permanent scar on the scalp.

Myth: Shaving your head will make hair thicker.

Fact: In no way shaving your head can change your hair texture. In fact, nothing can be done to change the texture of your hair. When the head is shaved, your hair will start growing from the roots and when the length of hair is short it appears thicker. When the hair grows back to its original length it will have the same texture like before. Also shaving your head will not cause your hair to grow at a faster speed.

Myth: Smoking causes gray hair.

Fact: In various research works it has been proved that smoking can cause gray hair. In fact, people who have the habit of smoking are four times more likely to have gray hair as compared to those who do not smoke at all. Smoking reduces the blood circulation on the body and it even pollutes the blood, which are not good for hair. Even worse, smoking can accelerate hair loss and change the hair color to gray.

Myth: Sleeping with wet hair causes scalp fungus.

Fact: In no way, you will have scalp fungus due to sleeping with wet hair. Scalp fungus happen only when you do not proper measures to clean your scalp. When you do not wash your hair for several days, your scalp becomes greasy and the pores get blocked. Such unhealthy scalp condition encourages fungus formation.

Myth: Shampoo can cause premature graying of hair.

Fact: Shampoos are detergents with neutral pH as one of the main ingredients to make your hair and scalp clean. Use of shampoo will never cause premature graying of hair and in fact it will help in hair growth by keeping your scalp and hair clean. The main reasons behind premature graying of hair are genetic, hormonal, environmental pollution and vitamin deficiency.

Well, the above mentioned myths will surely give a clear picture as what tips you should follow for healthy and beautiful hair.

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