Now Relax Your Hair Naturally!

Most of us get our hair relaxed and we all have different reasons for doing that. While some relax their hair to make it more manageable, some do it to get rid of their natural hair, some do it to try new versatile hairstyles and some even do it to make their thick curly hair look straight and natural. Well, the reasons can be many but you need to bear in mind that relaxers contain chemicals that can make your hair brittle and cause split ends and breakage.

Egg and olive oil

If you wish to relax your hair without compromising on its quality and texture and maintaining its health, then you must try the natural hair relaxers. By trying the natural hair relaxing methods you do not have to use strong chemicals on your hair and so there will be no side effects also. The results may not be that perfect but it will help in making your hair look straight and even manageable too. Also the natural hair relaxing techniques are temporary while the chemical methods are permanent. But as hair relaxing done in a natural way has no side effects, more and more people are opting for it.

So, here are the best natural hair relaxing methods that you can try at home:

Coconut Milk and Lime Juice:

Take out coconut milk from a fresh coconut by grinding it in a blender. Try not to use processed coconut milk. Mix lemon juice to the fresh coconut milk and put the mixture into the refrigerator for two to three hours so that a foamy layer of cream can be formed. Take this cream to massage your scalp and hair properly. Next take a hot towel and wrap it around your head securely and leave it on for an hour or more. Later on you can wash your hair as usual. When you hair is dry you will find it straight to certain extent. For better result repeat this process three times a week for a few months. It is important to note that instead of lime juice you can use fat free yogurt too to get the desired result.

Castor Oil:

Castor hair oil can straighten your hair in a natural way. With the regular use of this hair oil, your hair roots will be relaxed without any effect on your hair texture. Take some castor oil and massage your scalp with it. Make sure the oil is applied thoroughly on your hair from the root to the tip. Once you are done with applying castor oil on your hair, you take a wide-toothed comb and start combing your hair. For better result, you can use a hair dryer while combing. This will help in keeping your hair straight for a longer period of time. Finally, take a moist towel and tap it to remove oil residues from your hair. Try this while process at least two times a week for more manageable and softer hair.

Olive Oil and Eggs:

The combination of olive oil and eggs to make a hair mask will relax your hair but it may not straighten your hair to a great extent. Take three eggs and mix five tablespoons of olive oil to it and mix it properly. Now apply this hair mask on your hair thoroughly covering the entire length of your hair and then wrap your hair with a plastic wrap or a shower cap and leave it for twenty to thirty minutes. Later on wash it off with a shampoo and rinse your hair properly to remove the foul smell from your hair. Once dry, there will be noticeable changed in your hair. Even massaging your hair with warm olive oil two to three hours before shampooing your hair can result in naturally relaxed and very smooth and shiny hair.

Cocoa Butter:

For relaxing your hair naturally you can even try cocoa butter. Take a good quality on cocoa water and apply it directly on your hair thoroughly at least two hours before washing your hair. Once applied, wrap a hot towel around your hair keep it on for an hour or two so that the goodness of cocoa butter can do its magic. Later on wash your hair properly with your favorite shampoo. This naturally therapy will make the hair strands smooth and will offer a protective coat to your hair. You will love the naturally relaxed, smooth hair once your hair is dry.

Plain Milk:

The goodness of plain milk can be used as a quick and easy way for relaxing your hair. Take milk and water in equal amount and put it in a spray bottle. Now spray the diluted milk liberally on your hair from the root to the tips. Once done, take a fine comb to comb your hair carefully so that the solution is distributed evenly covering each and every hair strands on your hair. Leave it on for a few minutes until your hair is dry. Finally wash your hair with a good quality shampoo followed by a deep hair conditioner. This will keep your hair straight and ravishing till the next wash. Your hair will remain straight until the next time you wash your hair.


The above mentioned natural hair relaxing methods are the best way to get the straightest hair without the need of extensions. No matter which method looks suitable for you, try to follow it with care. Being careless or handling your hair roughly can result in hair damage without any positive result. Just try these natural ways of relaxing your hair to achieve gorgeous, straight locks.

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