Night Time Hair Care Routine to Follow

Morning is the busiest time of the day as there are plenty of things to do before you get ready and go out for the day. As mornings are pretty hectic, it is quite obvious to ignore your regular hair care routine. Once in a while you can ignore your hair care routine but not often as it gradually damage your hair beyond repair.

But even with a busy morning schedule, you can take proper care of your hair. Instead of morning, try to pamper your hair in the night. Before going to day after a busy day, give half an hour for your hair to enjoy healthy and shiny hair. Before going to bed, we brush our teeth, wash our face and take our vitamins, and same way we can take care of our hair. Before going to bed if we take some care of our hair, it will reduce hair fall, promote healthy hair growth, make hair shiny and voluminous.

Night hair care

Some easy bedtime hair care ritual that you must follow: 

Brush your hair:

After a busy day outside, it is very obvious that your hair may become dirty due to the dirt, dust and outside pollution. As sleeping with dirty hair is not a good idea, you must brush your hair before going to bed. This is one of the most amazing night hair care tips as it will help in removing the dirt, dust and loose scales around the scalp that might have accumulated in your head. Also it will help in improving the blood circulation to the scalp that will promote hair growth. You must brush your hair for about ten to fifteen minutes that you can do while watching TV or talking to your children or soul mate. It is a good idea to brush your hair starting from the back of the head and slowly moving forward. While brushing, you must make sure that your hair becomes tangle free. This way you do not have to spend extra time in the morning to detangle your hair.

Apply oil on hair:

Regular application of oil on hair is an important hair growth tip. Regular oiling will give your hair the much needed moisture as the oil gets time to penetrate deeper within the scalp. Also healthy hair oil will nourish your hair with all the essential nutrients required for hair growth. Oil will also protect your hair from getting damaged. You must apply oil in your hair at least thrice a week. A hot oil treatment once in a week or within a gap of fifteen days must also be done. For hot oil treatment you need to first warm your favorite oil and then apply it on your hair. After applying oil on your hair at night you must not forget to wash your hair the next day so that the residues of oil are not left behind on the scalp. For oiling your hair you can use any type of hair oil like coconut oil, almond oil, argan hair oil, olive oil, castor oil, sesame oil, shea butter oil and so on.

Tie hair in a ponytail:

Loose hair can get tangled and so you need to tie your hair properly before going to sleep. There are two benefits – first oil from hair will not drip and cover your face and secondly it will make your hair more manageable in the morning due to fewer tangles. Other benefits include less chance of hair breakage and unnecessary hair fall. Try to make your pony tail high so that your scalp feels relaxed and can breathe properly. Also keep the ponytail loose as too much tight ponytail can cause hair loss especially on the crown. If ponytail is not your style, you can even plait your hair loosely.

Cover your hair:

Before going to bed, you must cover your long hair with a scarf or a piece of cloth. You must wrap your long hair properly in a cloth so that it does not come out of the cloth during the night. This will help in protecting the hair from the friction of the pillow as you sleep, and also allow the natural oil to stay on the hair shaft which can be otherwise soaked by the pillow case. This night hair care tip will help in preventing split ends and keeping your hair tangle free.

Wash your hair:

Never make the mistake of going to bed at night with dirty hair. Too must dirt and dust on your hair can block the pores which will hugely decrease your hair growth rate. If you feel your hair is dirty, you must wash it dirty. Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo followed by a mild conditioner. Also you wash your hair around two to three hours before your bedtime. This way you will have enough time to allow your hair to dry naturally. Sleeping with wet hair is not a good idea as it can cause your hair to take a bad shape in the morning. Dry your hair after washing and then comb it properly before going to bed. Washing your hair in the night will also save your time in the morning.

Some more tips:

  • In order to solve certain hair care problems such as hair fall, dry scalp and hair thinning, take a vitamin E capsule, break it and apply it to on your scalp. Vitamin E will nourish your hair during the night.
  • Before hitting the bed, drink a glass of water to keep your body well hydrated. Often during the day due to hectic schedule we forget to drink adequate amount of water.
  • For those having curly hair can apply a dollop of mousse on their hair before going to bed. This will help in keeping the curls in a good shape in the morning.
  • For brushing your hair at night, always use a round boar bristle. It will help in adding volume and body to your hair.
  • Instead of cotton pillow case use one made with satin. Satin will allow your hair to slide naturally without getting tangle. This is something not possible with cotton pillowcase.
  • If applying oil on your hair makes it feel heavy you can try a hair serum. Apply serum at the roots to keep your hair smooth tangle free. But bear in mind that too much serum can cause hair damage and so you need to use it in a limited way.
  • For those who wish to have wavy hair texture must spray their hair with plain water and then apply little amount of hair oil. It will seal the moisture on your hair strands. Plait the hair and in the morning the hair texture will become wavy.

To conclude, with the above mentioned night hair care tips, you can save yourself from a bad hair day in the morning. You must not forget the night time hair care is important to enjoy healthy hair growth and to keep your hair manageable and always in good shape. 

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