Main Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Most women notice excessive in their brush or shower and consider it normal. Well, a hair loss of 100 to 125 strands can be termed as normal. But if it is more than that you need to be serious about it as you might be suffering from severe hair loss problem. There are thousands of women who suffer from hair loss problem and do not take it seriously. So, if you think your hair is thinning, you need to get serious about it and must find out the reason behind it.

It is estimated that six out of ten women suffer from hair loss problem at some point in their lives. Hair loss in women can be due to a number of reasons such as heredity, hormonal changes in the body, certain medications, improper diet or an underlying health condition. The signs and symptoms of hair loss in women are sudden thinning of hair over the top of head followed by moderate hair loss on the hairline. Women of all ages can suffer from hair loss. But the problem of hair loss in women is very common from puberty to post-menopausal period. However, hair usually grows back with time.

Hair loss in women

Among the possible causes that lead to hair loss in women are:

Poor nutrition:

Poor nutrition may be the common reason for hair loss in women. When you body will healthy and essential nutrients there will scope for better and healthy hair. Adequate amount of nutrients in the diet is important for various body functions, including hair growth. Nutrients including protein, iron, zinc, calcium amino acid, copper, magnesium, selenium, vitamin A and essential fatty acids are vital for hair health. It has been found that protein or iron deficiency in the body can cause hair loss. In fact, around 90% of cases of hair loss in women are due to iron deficiency in the body. Also those who are vegetarian generally eat less protein which can contribute to hair loss in women. This is why it is essential to include all the important nutrients in your diet. In addition, crash diets, dieting and eating disorders like anorexia are very common in women which can contribute to hair loss. It is important for a woman to consult a dietician to find the various nutrition levels in their body and then follow a diet plan. This will help the body to get all the necessary nutrients in a balanced manner.


Be it physical stress or emotional stress, it can cause hair loss amongst female irrespective of age. Physical stress can be due to some kind of surgery, anemia, chronic illness, and rapid weight changes and so on. On the other hand reasons behind emotion stress are mental illness, family tensions, excessive work load, and tension at office and so on. Hair loss caused by stress is temporary. Hair growth cycle has three phases – Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. During the Telogen phase hair begins to detach from the hair follicle and fall out. Stress can cause hair to prematurely enter Telogen phase causing excessive hair loss. Females in stress can have hair loss for 4 weeks to 3 months.

Hormonal Changes:

Different types of hormonal changes that happen with age can also be the reason behind hair loss among women. Hormonal changes happen due to pregnancy, birth control pills, medication, menopause, change in diet, or stress. For instance, after pregnancy, it is very common to experience hair loss. This is because during pregnancy there are high levels of hormones in a woman’s body that reduces hair fall, but after delivery, the normal hair growth cycle resumes causing hair fall.


Chemotherapy and radiation therapy often result in partial or total hair loss in women. The drugs used during chemotherapy and radiation therapy are harmful to the hair follicles that often result in total hair loss. Usually hair loss starts approximately 2-3 weeks after the first session of chemotherapy, with total hair loss generally occurring 1-2 months later. Hair often grows back 3-4 months after the completion of chemotherapy treatment.The new hair that grows back will have different texture and color due to the absence or alteration of pigment. However, with radiation therapy, there is no chance for hair to grow back. This is because radiation therapy destroys the cells totally.

Excessive Use of Chemicals:

Chemicals used for coloring, bleaching, dyeing, or perming hair can also cause severe hair loss in women. However, hair loss will not happen if the chemically enriched products are used once in a while. The problem of hair loss usually happens when these products are excessively or used incorrectly. Excessive use of chemicals on hair can damage the hair follicle leading to permanent hair loss. Even tight hairstyles that cause pressure on the follicles can cause untimely hair loss in women.

Unhealthy Scalp:

An unhealthy scalp can cause inflammation that slows down that process of hair growth. Various scalp problems that can cause hair loss are dandruff, psoriasis, and fungal infections such as ringworm. Some of the signs of unhealthy scalp are greasiness on the scalp, yellow dry skin flakes, and itchiness on the scalp. A physical examination of the scalp will help in determining your scalp condition and the main cause behind hair loss problem. Visit a dermatologist and find the problem in your scalp and then follow a proper hair care hygiene routine.

Medications and Drugs:

Hair loss can be caused by drugs used on the treatment of Cancer, Arthritis, Depression, Heart problems and High blood pressure. Even drugs such as blood thinners (anti-coagulants), seizure medication, anti-inflammatory drugs, medications to control cholesterol level and other lipids; mood altering drugs; thyroid medications, oral contraceptive pills, and diet pills or high doses of Vitamin A can cause hair loss in women. As our body is not habituated with drugs it often causes hormonal changes in the body. So, when we take drugs, there are certain drawbacks too that our body needs to face including hair loss.

Health Conditions:

A healthy body will promote healthy hair growth. So, when you suffer from health problems for a longer period of time it will have a direct impact on your hair growth rate. Some of the health problems that can lead to excessive hair loss in women are obstetric and gynecologic conditions such as post-partum and post-menopausal states or ovarian tumors; thyroid, anemia; connective tissue diseases like Lupus and so on. Even regular use of general anesthesia during treatments and pro-long stress due to health problems can cause hair loss.

Well, there are many factors that can cause hair loss in women. In most cases, the problem of hair loss can be treated and reversed successfully. But for that you need to get the help soon, otherwise it will be too late to save your precious hair.

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