Main Causes of Hair Loss in Men

It is quite common for middle aged men to have a receding hairline that often causes hair on top of the head to start thinning. Even though clean-shaven head is usually considered fashionable and attractive today but still many men prefer to have hair on their head. It is often hard for men to handle hair loss problem and it even affects their self confidence level. Well, the good part is that hair loss can be controlled if you are aware of the actual cause behind it.

Hair loss in men

Some of the causes behind hair loss in men are:

Increase in Androgen Level:

When the male sex hormone androgen whose main task is to make hair follicles becomes sensitive it causes hair loss. Some areas on the scalp are very sensitive to androgens. So, when these hormones become sensitive, the functionality of hair follicles is hugely affected. The follicles are still alive, but hair growth stops. Soon hair may start falling at a rapid speed from the top of the head. This problem is hereditary in nature is passed down through the generations. This hereditary problem can be seen in four out of seven men suffering from baldness.

Improper hair care routine:

Hair loss in men is often caused when sebum clogs the pores of the scalp which directly impacts the hair growth rate especially on the top of the head. At times the condition is so severe that the hair root gets destroyed, making it impossible for new hair growth. Apart from sebum, if dirt and dust accumulates on the scalp for a longer time it can block the pores. This is why experts always say to keep the scalp very clean. A clean scalp will allow healthy hair growth

Unhealthy diet:

Studies have shown that poor nutrition, and deficiencies of essential nutrients can cause thinning of hair. So, you must plan your diet properly which must have omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and biotin. These nutrients help in the treatment of baldness in men and at the same time help in preserving the shine and strength of hair. A diet high in Vitamin A can also cause hair loss. Always remember that if your body is healthy from inside, your hair will also look healthy and beautiful.


Severe physical or emotional stress can cause hair loss in men. Physical stress can be due to surgery, chronic illness, anemia and rapid weight gain or weight loss. On the other hand, emotion stress can be due to some sort of mental illness, death of a loved one or family tensions. Too much stress can make detach from the hair follicle and fall out. This type of hair loss in men is usually not permanent. Also stress restricts the blood supply to the scalp. Without proper blood supply nutrient will not reach the hair follicles making it difficult for hair to grow at a normal speed.

Heath issues:

There are various diseases that can also cause hair loss in men. Some of such diseases include obstetric conditions, thyroid, anemia, connective tissue diseases like Lupus and so on. Even use of general anesthesia can cause hair loss. It has been found that after 3 to 4 months of an illness or a major surgery, men usually suffer from hair loss. Since hair follicle is very sensitive in nature it cannot respond to hormonal imbalances in the body caused due to illness. Such type of hair loss is temporary and hair generally grows back once the body becomes healthy like before.

Medicinal effects:

Several prescribed medicines can also cause hair loss in men. Medicines that can cause hair loss include anabolic steroids, antidepressants, tranquilizers blood thinner, medicines used for gout, high blood pressure or heart problems. This type of hair loss will stop when one stops taking the medicine. Radiation or chemotherapy can even cause hair loss.


Chemicals, such as those used to color, perm, or bleach hair cannot cause hair to fall out directly. But harsh chemicals can make hair very fragile in nature, thus making it prone to breakage. Hair can also break if any kind of chemical solution is left on the scalp for too long or too much chemical products are used. So it is advisable to limit the use of such products to protect your hair.

Mechanical irritation:

Mechanical irritation due to washing, combing of hair, wearing a helmet for a long period of time can even cause hair loss. Even swimming in chlorinated water can cause hair loss if after swimming hair is not washed properly. Hair loss can also happen due to external stress on the scalp. When we tie our hair tightly or cover it tightly with a scarf it imparts pressure on your hair and thus leading to hair loss.


From the above it is obvious that there can be various reasons behind hair loss in men. For better treatment, it is advisable to consult a doctor and go for some prescribed tests so that you can be aware of the exact cause behind hair loss. Right information can help you in saving your precious hair.

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