Know the Difference between Hair Fall and Hair Breakage

When we notice hair on our pillow, shower or on our clothes, we generally come to the conclusion that it is hair fall. It is a very obvious thought as it is been found in a research that 80% of hair loss is from the root. But is it so in your case also? Well, not necessarily as it can be the problem of hair breakage instead of hair fall. Let’s find out the difference between hair fall and hair breakage.

By understanding the difference between hair fall and hair breakage it becomes easier to treat the hair problem in a proper manner. Suppose you have the problem of hair breakage and you are following hair fall remedies or treatments, it is not going to solve your problem in any way.

Hair breakage

Natural hair fall from the scalp happens when a hair strand has reached the end of hair growth cycle. In this case hair will fall out from the scalp along with its tiny, white “root” attached to it which is not the actual hair root located deeply within your scalp. It is in fact the bulb root found on the scalp-originating end. When hair falls out naturally it opens up the path from a new hair growth from the root by starting the hair growth cycle again. With normal hair growth hair will have resiliency, flexibility, and strength for up to seven years before falling out. However, it is not necessary that hair fall will be due to natural reason only. At times there are many other reasons behind hair fall such as prolong illness, impacts of medicines, change in season, lack of nutrients, too much tress in life, unhealthy life style and so on.

On the other hand, hair breakage is not natural and it clearly indicates towards damaged and weak hair. Hair strands need to be healthy from inside to grow properly and if in case of any kind of imbalance will cause hair breakage. The main characteristics of hair breakage are broken hair with blunt ends. Also the hair will look bit different in size and texture as compared to healthy growing hair strands. Top reasons behind hair breakage are weakened and damaged hair that can be due to various reasons such as direct sun rays on hair, too much use of hair dryer, use of chemicals, frequent combing, brushing the hair with heavy strokes, hair perming and handling of hair in a rough way.

Hair is an extremely delicate fiber made of keratin a kind of protein. Hair is very strong but then also there will be hair breakage from time to time. Ten broken hair in a day is not a matter of concern but when it is more than that you need to take the right measures to prevent them. Start handling your hair gently and try to maintain a balance between protein and moisture level on your hair and soon there will be less hair breakage.

Hair fall and hair breakage are two totally different terms but often people use these terms interchangeably. This is wrong as you cannot effectively address the problem and thus causing more damage to hair.

The length of a hair strand in case of hair fall will be much more as compared to a broken hair strand. Hair breakage can happen at any length of the hair. Hair fall of hundred strands on daily basis is very normal. But more than that is a matter of concern. 

At times even though your hair is growing at a healthy pace there will be the problem of hair breakage. Hair will break if not treated properly. So, here you need to make a habit of treating your hair gently as it is a kind of delicate silk. Perms, hair colors and excessive use of heat for hair styling can weaken otherwise healthy hair. First you need to stop experiments on your hair with chemical products and styling equipments. Secondly you need to look for ways to make your hair strong and maintain the right balance of oil, moisture and protein on your hair.

As hair fall is a natural, internal process and can be due to hormonal changes in the body or heredity.  Natural hair fall cannot be stopped at any cost. However, if you notice more hair fall than normal, you need to think about it seriously.

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To conclude, it is very essential to have some idea about the difference between hair breakage and hair fall in order to maintain a healthy hair regimen. So, when you next see hair on your brush or shower first find whether is a normal hair fall or due to hair breakage and then take the proper precautions to solve the problem completely.

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