Know How to Grow Facial Hair Faster

Most men in their young age wish to have facial hair or want to see them grow faster. Many believe that the ultimate difference between a teenage boy and a man is the facial hair. But as they grow, they face a great problem of slow facial hair growth rate. This is when a man starts panicking and look for ways to make their facial hair grow faster.

Shaving facial hair

Many men believe that by shaving every few days the facial hair will grow faster and thicker. But, in reality, this is not at all true. The root of the hair visible on the face is much deeper in the skin. This is why growth of facial hair is not affected by shaving. Mostly, the rate of facial hair growth is depended on genetics and it usually increases with age.

If you are looking for tips as to how to stimulate the growth rate of your facial hair, here are some valuable suggestions:

Allow Natural Growth:

Allow your facial hair to grow naturally for some weeks without shaving. During this time resist the temptation to shave. Also do not trim the hair on your face for the first month to have a clear idea about the areas on your face where the growth is slow or inactive. After four weeks without shaving, try to define the lines of your beard or mustache with the help of a blade razor or electric beard trimmer.

Good Diet:

To grow the facial hair faster, you need to take a well balanced diet. It is must to include vitamin B, iron, silica and zinc in your diet. In case your body is not getting the essential nutrients, you can even take nutritional supplements as well but only after consulting a health expert. Along with a healthy diet, also drink plenty of water as it keeps the body free from toxins and keeps the body well hydrated.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Proper exercising and a regular sleep of 5 to 6 hours can help in stimulating faster facial hair growth. Sleep is essential as during this time your body repairs, restores and refreshes that helps in hair growth. Insufficient sleep can cause slow growth. Also try to lead a stress free life as stress can slow down hair growth and make your hair weak and brittle.


Massaging your face with oil can also make your facial hair grow faster. Eucalyptus oil is good oil for this purpose. Rogaine and Firaus Oil also come recommended by experts to increase facial hair grow faster. Oil massages help to restructure the damaged hair and make them soft. When massaging, gently rub your cheeks and do not use too much force.

Keep Face Clean:

Dryness can result in slow growth rate for your facial hair. To avoid dryness, keep your face clean and well moisturized. Regularly clean your face so that dust particles and dried cells do not accumulate near the hair root. Steam therapy is a good way to keep hair follicles clear so that hair can grow without interruptions. You can also use an anti dandruff shampoo on your beard to keep it clean and free from dandruff.

Take Biotin:

Biotin is a key ingredient that can help in faster facial hair growth. Biotin stimulates keratin production and speeds up the hair growth rate. Biotin is Vitamin B7 which can be found in raw egg yolk, peanuts and so on. Along with natural sources, there are also biotin supplements available in the market. But it is highly recommended that before taking any sort of supplement, you need to consult your doctor.

Stay Committed:

Extra perseverance and patience are required to grow your facial hair. It is your commitment level that will decide on how fast your facial hair grows. You need to control the temptation to shave to get rid of itchiness. Also one or two months are needed to see great results.

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Some Important Points:

  • When it comes to facial hair growth, it simply cannot grow instantly or overnight. To make your facial hair grow faster, you need to have patience.
  • For the growth rate of facial hair in men, genetics, levels of testosterone and medical conditions also play a significant role.
  • While growing your facial hair dryness is very common. Use dandruff shampoo two or three times a week on your beard to control dryness.
  • When it comes to a well balanced diet, don’t include too much of the hair growth vitamins and minerals in your diet as it can have negative impacts.
  • It is a totally wrong notion that regular shaving makes your facial hair grow thicker and faster.
  • For younger men, facial hair will grow at a slow rate and it will gradually speed up with age.
  • Unlike the hair on your head, facial hair will not grow equally on the entire area of your face and there can be difference in texture too.
  • Genetics and hormones determine the thickness of your facial hair.

To conclude, now you have some ideas about how to make your facial hair grow faster. Try any of the tips mentioned above with patience as nothing is goes to change overnight. Good luck!

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  1. please update a detail solution of facial hair growth and remedy to get facial hair back naturally also chemically

  2. please update a detail solution of facial hair growth and remedy to get facial hair back naturally also chemically

  3. i am very tense because of my beard problem. i am 26 years old and still i have few hairs at my chin only and very light mustache. my beard hairs are negligible because they are very very thin and week,(unable to see). please suggest me something to overcome this problem. i am very worried for it, and i am loosing my confidence.please help me. thanks

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