Know About Different Comb Types and Their Uses

Comb is one important hair grooming item that most of us know about. A comb is used to detangle hair so that it remains tangle free and make the hair look nice and smooth. In the market when you go to shop for a comb, there are different types of combs. Does all the combs are similar? Well, the answer is ‘NO’. Each comb is designed for a specific function.

Comb is tool with a row of teeth on one side. The most important factor that helps in deciding the perfect comb for you is the length and spacing of the teeth.

Some of the different types of comb are:

Fine Tooth Tail Comb:

Fine Tooth Tail Comb

This type of comb is also known as rat tail comb. It is like a normal comb with the only difference of a long, pointed tail coming off from one end. A fine tooth tail comb is perfect for combing straight, short and fine hair. It must not be used for combing very thick, curly or frizzy hair as it can cause hair fall or hair loss. Men prefer to use this type of comb to keep their hair in place. The fine and narrow teeth of this comb can be used for both styling and parting hair.

Wide Tooth Comb:

Wide ttoth comb

This type of comb has wide gaps between every tooth. There are just four teeth per inch which does not forcefully pull hair and cause pain when you comb your hair. This comb should be used by those having curly, long, frizzy and thick hair. A wide tooth comb is used to detangle hair. Along with smoothing out tangles, it can be also used to give shapes to curly hair when it is wet.

Picks Comb:

Pick comb

This type of comb is generally used for lifting the hair away from the head. People often used it as a hair clip also. This comb adds volume to hair and is perfectly shaped for styling and parting hair. It should be used by those having very thin hair and looking for ways to make their hair bouncy and look different.

Pin Tail Comb:

Pin tail comb

This type of comb looks very much like a rat tail comb with the only difference of a much finer tail. It is mainly used to part and section the hair. Its tail offers good control over the hair when using perms, colors and treatments. It can also be used back combing and teasing hair to add some extra volume to your hair and to gently soften and separate curls.

Styling Comb With Metal Pins:

Styling comb

This type of comb is used for setting, curling and smoothing hair. It is also very useful in making various types of classy and trendy hairstyles. All the hairstylists across the world recommend this comb for styling your hair.

Teasing Comb:

Teasing comb

This type of comb is used for giving some extra texture and volume to hair. You can find a teasing comb having one or more rows with varying length of teeth. The handle of the comb is similar to a rat tail comb. It is perfect for those having very long, thin and wavy hair. Use this comb to backcomb and tease hair to make a chignon or a hot looking bun.

Fine and Wide Tooth Comb:

Mix comb

Also known as cutting comb or regular comb, this type of comb is divided into two parts. One part have closely placed tooth and the other section have wide tooth. It is used to smoothen hair and is quite useful when cutting hair. Women use this type of comb for platting and making pony tails.

Rake Comb:

Rack comb

It is a kind of wide toothed comb that looks like a garden rake. The comb fits well on the palm and is very using for removing knots and tangles from long hair. This wide toothed comb passes through the hair smoothing causing minimal pain and loss. It is very handy on a bad hair day.

Materials used in comb:

A wide variety of materials are used for making combs in different shapes, forms and sizes. Some of the common materials used to make a comb such as plastic, bones, metals, horns and wood. Plastic combs are very common in the market and are also less expensive. To make bone combs, bones of different animals are used and hence such combs are very expensive. Combs made from metals are smooth and water-resistant and are used mainly for styling and cutting hair. Horn combs are made up of keratin and animal horns and are very expensive. Wooden combs are made from different types of wood like boxwood and cherry and keeping these combs can be a tough job.

To conclude, there is a wide variety of hair combs available in different shapes, sizes and materials. Each type of comb is designed keeping in mind different functionalities. So, next time when you go for shopping a comb be specific about what type of comb you need for your hair.

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