Is Short Length Hair Perfect For Everyone?

When it comes to hair styling, you will find many women wondering ‘Whether they should opt for a short length hair’ or ‘which one to choose short or long hair?’ Well, as hair is your identity and it makes you look beautiful you need to choose your hair cut or hair style with proper consideration. If short length hair is in fashion it simply does not mean that you can also have it.

Depending upon the shape of your face and your hair texture, you must choose the length of your hair.

Short hair

Shape of your face:

The best element to decide whether you look best in long or short hair is the shape of your face. Short hair is not for women having a round face as it will highlight the roundness of the face more than enough. Women having oval, short, small and square faces can always opt for a short hairstyle as it will suit them perfectly as it will perfectly highlight the other features of their face which will not happen with long and flowing hair.

Hair type and texture:

Another way to find out whether you should go for short or long hair is your hair type or texture. For women having thick hair, short length hair is a good option to consider as it will be easier for them to take care of their hair. Short hair is also good for those having thin hair. Thin hair is usually very sensitive and when it is cut short it gives the illusion of volume.

Other considerations:

  • Those having a beautiful neck, nice shoulders or a perfect jaw line must opt for a short length hair as it will perfectly highlight the beauty of your face. On the other hand those having a double chin or wide shoulders must try to grow their hair to a decent length.
  • Women, who are into sport and especially swimming, must opt for a short hair styles. Short hair will not be affected by the chlorine water in the swimming pool or due to sweating when indulged into physical activities or exercises for long hours.
  • Short hair is perfect for those you prefer to experiment with different hair colors. We know that color can damage the hair but with short hair you can always cut the damaged portions. Hair grows from the roots and as your hair grows the damaged portions forms the end part which you can easily cut off.

Benefits of short length hair:

  • Short hair styles will make your look younger as it looks smart and professional. This is why short hair is preferred by women who are growing old. Also elderly women often depend on other to take care of their hair.
  • Less maintenance is required for short hair. It is very easy to take care of short hair. Just follow your regular hair care routine and visit your stylist in five to six weeks time to give your short hair some trimming and styling. Regular trimming of hair is also good for the overall health of your hair.
  • Short hair needs less hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner or oil as compared to long hair. This is why having short hair means you will save a lot of money as quality hair care products are usually expensive.
  • It is very easy to fix short hair. Just run your fingers through your hair and it’s done. But this is not the case with long hair. You will need your comb and brush to fix your long hair and on top of that you will also have to devote some time. Fixing up your long hair in a hurry can be bad for your hair.
  • Short hair is easy to maintain on hot summer days or windy winter days. If proper measures are not taken to protect your long hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun or from the extreme cold weather it will become dull and lifeless. Also covering a long hair with a cap, hat or bandana is practically not possible. On the other hand, you can always wear a cap and cover all of your short hair.
  • Short hair can never have split ends which are a sign of unhealthy hair. Split ends look ugly and by trimming it only you can get rid of it. There is no other treatment for split ends.
  • Short hair is also perfect for those who are overweight and suffering from some kind of illness. With short length hair you don’t have to worry much about is care and maintenance and you can focus more on keeping yourself healthy.

With short hair, there is one big problem also that you simply cannot ignore. With short hair, there are very few types of hair styles to choose. Your hair will generally look the same until and unless you visit a stylish to style your hair.

To conclude, if you are still in a doubt, you can always consult her hair stylist to offer some suggestions regarding whether long or short hair will suit you. A good hair stylist can advise you on which types of hair styles will suit according to your face and hair type.

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