Is Ponytail Good For You?

When it comes to a classic hairstyle, the first style that strikes the mind is a simply ponytail. Be it a simple low ponytail, a loose one sided ponytail, structured ponytail or a stylish one, this is one hairstyle that women of all age groups are in love with. Ponytail is a quick and versatile way to style your hair but before opting for a ponytail hairstyle you need to be sure that your ponytail is not the reason behind the hair problems faced by you.

It is true that ponytail can cause hair problems such as thinning of hair, hair fall and hair breakage. If you have the habit of tying your hair in a ponytail regularly then you might suffer from hair loss. Just have a close look at the hair band you use to tie the ponytail securely on your head and the answer will be in front of you. If you notice a lot of hair on the hair band it surely indicates that your ponytail is the main culprit behind hair loss.


Ponytail when tied too tightly can cause hair loss. When you hair is pulled tightly to form a ponytail it causes unnecessary stress on the scalp that gradually leads to hair breakage and finally hair fall. It has been found that one of the main reasons behind traction alopecia is regular tying up of hair in a tight ponytail. Well, the problems associated with pony tail can be solved at a great extent if certain things are kept in mind.

Firstly, never tie your ponytail too tightly as it will cause unnecessary pressure on the scalp leading to hair fall. This type of hair loss is usually temporary in nature and hair will re-grow with time. But this temporary hair loss can become permanent when the hair follicles get damaged if proper measures are not taken in time. Avoid wearing a ponytail for a long period of time. Ponytail is a great hairstyle but you should also opt for different hairstyles also from time to time. You can keep your hair loose or braid it or go for a bun or a timeless chignon. This way you can try different looks and you will not look similar all the time.

Secondly avoid tying a ponytail on the top of the head as it can cause maximum pressure on the scalp. If ponytail is what you what try to wear it down like near the neck. Also do not tie it too tightly as a loose ponytail will never cause hair fall. Loose ponytail looks good and stylish too if done in the right manner.

Thirdly, at the end of the end you must open your pony tail so that the hair follicles can breathe and the scalp can relax a bit. This way hair can enjoy better hair growth and there will be limited hair fall also. Also never make the mistake of going to sleep with your hair tied in a tight ponytail as it can cause extreme hair fall. However you can go to sleep with a loose ponytail. Try to make your pony tail high so that your scalp feels relaxed and can breathe properly.

Fourthly, if ponytail suits your facial features then you must keep changing the place of your ponytail. For example, one day you tie it at the top of your head and next day you can tie it near the neck and another day you can opt for one-sided ponytail. You can also use the hair that starts above your ears to form a half-ponytail or topknot ponytail. Changing the positions of your ponytail will not cause stress at the same place on the scalp. This will ultimately result in less hair fall.

Another important thing to keep in mind when you opt for a ponytail hairstyle is the type of hair band you are using to tie your hair securely on your head. A wrong band can also be the reason behind hair fall. For ponytail it is advisable to use best quality coated and soft bands. Rubber, silk or satin hair bands are much better as compared to one made of cheap plastic materials. Cotton rubber bands should be avoided. Also try to use thick hair bands instead of the thin ones to control hair breakage and also to stop hair fall.

To conclude, if the above mentioned points are kept in mind you can always style your hair in a ponytail without any kind of hair problems.

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