Is It Good Or Bad To Sleep With Wet Hair?

It is very common to find people washing their hair in the evening due to hectic day to day schedules. Also it is convenient for many to wash their hair in the evening. Due to this unusual timing, hair remains wet by the time one is ready to go to bed. But before you make it a habit to sleep with wet hair, it is important to know, ‘whether it is good or bad to go to bed with wet or very damp hair?’ Let’s find out the truth behind this. 

In simple terms there is no real harm when you decide to sleep with your wet hair. But as your hair will dry in a very awkward manner, hair becomes flat and frizzy in nature. You will also find it difficult to style your hair in the morning which means you will have to devote more time to style your hair. Another negative aspect of sleeping with wet hair is damaged hair shaft. Damaged hair lacks shine and life. Also when you sleep with wet hair it takes more time to dry due to improper circulation of air.

Wet hair

When you sleep with wet hair, your pillow will also become damp which can be very uncomfortable. If proper hygiene is not maintained, the constant dampness on your pillow can cause fungus infections. Bacteria and fungus breed fast on damp and moist atmosphere and your damp pillow will soon become the breeding house for various infections. One common fungal infection you can have due to sleeping with wet hair is dandruff, which causes dead skin cells from the scalp to shed at a rapid speed.

Another scalp problem can be Tinea Capitis, the ringworm of the hair where patches of bald spots occurs on the scalp. As Tinea Capitis is infectious other people using the same pillow can also have it.

Another problem is that when the hair is wet when you sleep, moisture tends to remain on the scalp for a longer period of time. This moisture causes poor blood circulation to the scalp leading to less nutrients reaching the hair. Due to this, you may soon suffer from slight inflammation under the scalp. Also those who are prone to cold and cough must not sleep with wet hair as it will make them ill.

Also wet or damp hair is very fragile and delicate in nature and it needs to be handled with care. So, to avoid sleeping with wet hair it is not a good idea to forcefully dry your hair with a towel or a blow dryer. When you rub your hair roughly with a towel it damages the hair cuticle and also causes unnecessary hair breakage. Blow dryer is not recommended by hair experts as the heat it generates can cause excessive dryness. If you use a blow dryer, it should be set at the minimum temperature and it should be kept four to five inches away from the scalp and hair. This way the damage on your hair will be less. On top of that blow drying hair takes quite a lot of time and effort.

Also, due to the fragile nature of wet hair, you must not comb or brush your hair just after washing it. Wait until your hair gets little dry before you comb it.

One of the best solutions to this problem is to wash your hair much before your bedtime. This way there will be enough time for your hair to dry naturally. Or else, you can always wash your hair in the morning before going out.

To conclude, even though going to bed with wet hair will not cause hair loss or slow down the hair growth rate, yet it is better to allow your hair to dry naturally before you plan to sleep. With dry hair you will surely sleep better and more comfortably. 

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