Is Hair Straightener Good or Bad?

Straight and silky hair looks good. This is why many females use a hair straightener to style their hair and make them straight. Though hair straightener is very popular yet many experts are against its use as it can cause both short term as well as long term effects to your hair.

Hair straightening is a kind of hair styling technique wherein hair is straightened with the help of the heat generated from a hair straightener. Straightening is either permanent or temporary. Temporary straightening can be done with an electric hair straightener. The device helps in ironing the hair to straighten it. It makes your hair look straight in a short time but when used repeatedly it can damage your hair. The application of excessive heat cannot only make your hair very dry and brittle but also result in hair fall and dandruff

Hair straightener

When using a hair straightener you expose your hair to high temperature. Typically, a hair straightener operates between the ranges of 100 to 180+ degrees C. For varying types of hair, different temperature setting is required. For instance: 

  • For drying hair, the temperature must be 80 degrees
  • For partly damaged hair, the temperature must be 120 degrees
  • For slightly damaged hair, the temperature must be 140 degrees
  • For slight curly hair, the temperature must be 160 degrees
  • For curly hair, the temperature must be 180 degrees
  • For extremely curly hair, the temperature must be 200 degrees

Looking at the chart, it becomes very clear that you need to expose your hair to high temperature to make them straight. Another reason behind the fact that experts are against the use of hair straightener is formaldehyde. This chemical is used in hair straightening products to bind keratin to hair.  When exposed to this chemical for longer time it can cause allergic reactions such as eye irritation, nose bleeding, skin itchiness, coughing and so on. At the same time this strong foul-smelling gas is also a known cancer causing substance.

It is true that the technology behind hair straightener has improved significantly over the years. For instance nowadays you can find a hair straightener made with the use of Tourmaline, which is a kind of precious stone having unique ionic and infrared properties. Such a hair straightener causes less damage to the hair and offer shiny healthy looking hair.

If you wish to use a hair strightener, there are certain tips that you can follow to avoid the side effects. The tips are:

  • If you need to use a hair straightener on a regular, then you must also use some ceramic hair oil. Ceramic hair oil will help in providing extra moisture to your hair, which normally gets lost when hair is exposed to high temperature.
  • When it comes to hair straightener, you need to invest in one that comes with ceramic plates or Tourmaline. This type of hair straightener will help in making your hair look well conditioned. 
  • Also when buying a hair straightener, make sure to buy one that comes with good temperature control settings.
  • Always invest on a good brand when it comes to hair straightener or else the bad cheap ones can cause huge damage to your hair.

Apart from using a hair straightener, there are many other ways also to make your hair straight. You can opt for straightening lotions and shampoos available in the market. The different type of oil used in these kind of hair products coat the hair and prevents it from curling. Using these products will make your hair straight for a temporary time period but they do not have side effects.

Well, there are many natural ways to straighten your hair. For instance you can straighten your hair by using coconut water and lime mixture, milk, hot oil and many more.

To conclude, your hair is very precious and you must not cause damage to it by using wrong type of hair straightener or by exposing it to extreme heat. As now you have a clear idea about the pros and cons of using a hair straightener, you need to think properly before using one.

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