How To Make Your Child’s Hair Grow Faster and Longer

Your child is the apple of your eye and you want to give him or her best in life. Since the time a child is born, parents look for ways to make him or her look beautiful and healthy. As it is believed that for beautiful and healthy hair best care is required during the childhood, parents take special care of their child’s hair. However, many parents are not very sure about how to do it.

Child hair growth

To make your child’s hair grow faster and longer, follow these tips:

Use mild shampoo:

To wash your child’s hair, always use an all natural shampoo. You can easily find an all natural shampoo designed for children in the market. As natural products are used to make such shampoos, there will be no side effects and allergic reactions. Such shampoos will moisturize the scalp and hair properly leading to better hair growth.  Don’t use shampoos with perfume as it contains alcohol that can make your child’s hair drier. After shampooing your child’s hair, use an oil-based conditioner as it will remain on the hair shaft longer and there will be elasticity on hair.

Good diet:

Hair grows best when the body is healthy from inside and the same formula goes for your children too. So, with a good diet and nutrition plan, you can make your child’s hair grow faster and longer. Plan a well balanced diet for your child that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, along with dairy products. Another important thing to remember is that a well balanced diet should be backed up by adequate intake of water.

Encourage physical activity:

To help in making your child’s hair grow faster, you need to encourage your child to indulge in some sort of physical activities on daily basis. Regular exercise and physical activity will improve the blood circulation on the scalp, which can promote quicker and healthier hair growth. Encourage your child to exercise, run or play outdoor sports. The more your child will indulge in physical activities, the more improvement you can notice in your child’s hair growth and hair quality. Along with physical activity, your child must also rest properly and so make sure that your child is enjoying sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours daily. 

Regular oiling:

To make your child’s hair grow faster and longer, you need to apply regular oil on their scalp and hair shafts. For a small child, apply small amount of oil two times daily. Massage the scalp lightly with your finger tips. Regular oiling will keep the hair well moisturized and prevent scalp dryness making it perfect for faster hair growth. Remember not to apply too much oil as it will attract dirt and other particles making hair greasy and dirty. For oiling you can use Jojoba oil or Olive Oil.

No Chemicals:

Chemicals can make your child’s hair unhealthy. Make sure the hair products you are using for your child does not contain ingredients such as petroleum, mineral oil, sulfates, and silicones. There are many excellent natural hair oils that can help your child’s hair grow faster and longer. You can always use jojoba oil, shea butter oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, and castor oil without worrying about the side. 

Hair styling:

The best way to make your child’s hair grow is to style in as natural as possible. As a child’s hair is fragile in nature, styling methods will make the hair more susceptible to breakage. It is better to go for loose and open hairstyles and never make the mistake of tying your child’s hair too tightly. When it comes to clips and rubber bands, always invest in best quality products. While combing hair, don’t be too harsh and do it gently. Use wide tooth combs for combing hair when it is slightly damp. 


A child’s hair is delicate and hence to stimulate your child’s hair growth proper protection is required. Protect your child’s head during extreme summer and winter days. During excessive heat and cold, you need to cover your child’s head with an appropriate hat, cap or scarf. Uncovered hair can be difficult to manage and it can lead to breakage. Also, buy a satin pillowcase for your child as it will help in preventing hair breakage during sleep.

Some additional hair care tips:

  • The most common child’s hair care mistake that parents do is regularly washing hair with a shampoo. Too much shampoo can strip away the natural oil from the hair making it dry.
  • Allow your child’s hair to remain in its natural state when possible. When hair is in its natural state, it will grow faster.
  • Don’t use hair care products with chemicals on your child’s hair as it can lead to hair breakage.
  • Try homemade shampoo to wash your child’s hair. You can make one by mixing one-forth cup of distilled water with one-forth cup of herbal green tea and add honey and lemon juice to it. Use this mixture to wash hair. 
  • When applying a conditioner onto your child’s hair, make sure it is rinsed well. Rinse it twice or thrice to make sure no residue is left behind on the scalp on hair shafts.
  • It is advisable not to use hair growth hormones on your child’s hair unless recommended by a doctor. 
  • If possible, allow your child’s hair to air dry, and limit the use of blow dryers.
  • Protein is must for your child’s overall health and a low protein diet can stop or slow down the hair growth process.
  • Vitamin B-complex and folic acid supplements can be given to a child to promote hair growth but only at the recommendation of a doctor. 
  • Genetics play a big role in your child’s hair growth rate and it will decide the texture, length and color of hair.
  • Apart from genetics, there are also other factors also like weather, medications, pollution and so on that determines your child’s hair growth rate.
  • Regular trimming is another trick that will help in keeping your child’s hair healthy. Hair will grow longer when the ends are not damaged.
  • Again, if your child is experiencing unusual hair loss, consult your doctor immediately. At times hair loss can be due to some serious health problems.

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To conclude, with the above mentioned tips, you can easily make your child’s hair grow faster and longer. Your child’s hair needs love and care to enjoy better growth, shine, volume and health.

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  1. I really appreciate this article. A lot people just do pay attention to their child’s hair. You gave a lot of great suggestions about how to care for our young one’s hair. Especially the part, about sleeping on a satin pillow. I am a stylist for children and I can which kids wrap their hair at night or sleep on satin pillows from those that don’t. If you need a hair wrap for you kids hair you can by Donna’s hair wrap at any department store or you can get a KiddieWrap, my personal favorite.

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