How to make hair grow faster and longer overnight?

It is the dream of most females to have long and shiny hair. At times when there is some special occasion, the desire to have longer hair is even more intense. This is the time when females look for tips to make their hair grow faster overnight. Well, it is true that your hair grows at night but you must remember that nothing dramatic can happen within few hours. 

No matter what, your hair is not going to grow visibly longer in one night. This is a true fact. No medicine, oil, massage, home remedy, chemical or therapy can achieve such a goal. However there are several ways to make your hair grow faster in a shorter period of time as compared to the natural rate of your hair growth. 

Night long hair

Some ways to make your hair grow faster in less time:

Start eating healthy:

To help your hair grow a little faster overnight, you need to eat healthy. A good well balanced diet is one of the main secrets behind healthy and longer hair. With a well balanced diet, your body will get all the essential vitamins and nutrients required for healthy hair growth. As hair is made of keratin, a kind of protein, you must eat more protein foods such as fish, poultry, eggs, beans and Brazil nuts. Along with vitamins and protein, you must take carotene, zinc, iron and amino acid enriched foods too. Drinking a glass of milk before going to bed can help a lot to make your hair grow faster during night. In relation to healthy diet, also try to lead a healthy lifestyle by avoiding smoking, alcohol and dieting as these habits will result in dry hair and possibly, hair loss.

Hot oil treatments:

A hot oil treatment before going to bed is just the right thing to do to make your hair grow fast during night. This is an age old and proven method. For hot oil treatments you can use olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, rosemary oil, castor oil or almond oil. For hot oil treatment, take any warm hair oil and apply it onto your scalp and massage it with the tip of your fingers. Regular scalp massage with oil stimulates hair follicles which in turn promotes faster hair growth. Also, it is good to massage the scalp three times daily for 5-10 minutes as it will allow good blood circulation to the scalp.

Good hair products:

For any method to make your hair grow faster to be effective, you need to invest in shampoos and conditioners that suit your hair type. You should shampoo and condition your hair at least twice a week. Avoid using hair products with chemicals and go for herbal and natural hair products. Always comb out any tangles with the help of a boar bristled brush before you shampoo your hair. Always wash your hair with lukewarm water as hot water can block the pores.

Avoid hair styling methods:

If you want to grow your hair within a very short span of time, avoid hair styling products and styling tools totally. Over styling can damage your hair quality and will not allow them to grow properly. Keep away from heating appliances as the heat generated from such appliances can make your hair weak. Allow your hair to grow naturally dry.

Scalp health:

Taking good care of your hair and scalp is a great way to make your hair grow faster. Massaging your scalp every once in a while improves the hair growth. This is because massaging and brushing your scalp helps in proper blood circulation to the scalp, which in turn triggers faster hair growth. You must keep your scalp clean and free from dandruff and other build-up residues. Also make sure your hair does not have split ends. 

Some additional tips:

  • Brush your hair very gently using a boar brush. In fact, if you brush your hair in the morning before bath, it will help in blood circulation to the scalp and avoid excess tangling during bath.
  • Cover your hair while out in the sun or during cold and windy days. Wear a hat or cap in such a case.
  • To make your hair grow faster overnight, always use silk pillow case as it keeps your hair safe from breaking. 
  • Stress and depression can lead to significant hair loss. So, try to remain relaxed and free from tensions.
  • Application of hair masks such as egg hair mask, yogurt hair mask, and strawberry hair mask once in a week can promote hair growth.
  • Get your hair trimmed regularly, say in every 10 to 12 weeks. This will help in getting rid of split ends and will facilitate faster hair growth.
  • Do not tie your hair very tight as it will weaken the hair roots leading to hair breakage. You opt for comfortable and loose hair styles.
  • Cardiovascular and aerobic exercises in particular will help in making your hair grow faster by regulating certain hormones that promote hair growth.

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You need to realize the fact that your hair grows at a very slow rate and primarily depends on genetic factors, weather, and health problems and so on. The hair growth rate is something around 6 inches per year. Each strands of hair has its own growth cycle and at some point the growth stops leading to hair breakage. This cycle of hair growth is different from person to person and unless there are genetic abnormalities or diseases you can make your hair to grow faster.

So, these were some of the effective tips on how to make hair grow faster overnight. But always remember that within a night there will be no dramatic changes. Follow the tips, have patience and get ready to flaunt your beautiful and healthy hair that defines you!

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141 thoughts on “How to make hair grow faster and longer overnight?

  1. Say what you want I got my hair to grow half an inch overnight but I’m not telling you my secret “SUCK ON THAT”!!!!!!!

  2. Its my farewell in 3 weeks time. I kinda want my hair longer for it, what do you suggest I do?? As hair extensions cost a lot

  3. I goto beauty fair is thin and short and I’m prego it would not grow much but after doing a scalp treatment my hairs growing slot and thicker. I recommend scalp treatment for your hair to unclog the pores in your head and horse shampoo

    • I know, I use horse shampoo as well. My hair was long, then had a disaster with the hairdresser 2.5 years ago, but now it is long again. I take most of the supplements listed, my favorites being biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, MSM, vitamin E, and zinc. Then I use my horse shampoo. Never blowdry or dye my hair. Never brush when its wet. Use a leave in conditioner. Use a boar bristle brush to protect the hair…. and done, long hair… but this will NEVER hppen overnight, it takes time. 2.5 years to be exact, but hey, if you want it, you’ve got to work for it! Well worth it though, so good luck to everyone trying to do the same. I’m trying to get another 60 cm within the next 2 years :)

  4. If your not telling us your secret why even post this comment know one cares about your secret u lowlife genius

  5. I want my hair to be long but I want to know what is healthy for my hair AFTER I take a shower. Any suggestions?

  6. My hair was pretty long, and I cut it really short. I probably cut it about 10 inches. I regret it a lot and I want my long hair back. How long would it take to grow at least 5 more inches???

    • I got my hair to grow 5″ in a month once. Not very sure though. If you style your hair with heat a lot it will damage your hair a lot, so will using chemicals. Also like the thing said don’t brush your hair when wet. It’s at its weakest state when wet. Wash your hair to a point when it gets really oily. The oil is good for your hair but too much is gross. Also onions are good for your hair so eat some onions.(even though i don’t like them at all)That’s all the advice i have

    • Helena,

      I really know what you’re saying. About 3 years ago I cut 12 inches off hoping it would help my migraines. It didn’t so now I am letting it grow back out. Right now it’s about an inch past my bra. I cut it up to about my shoulders. I just keep thinking how long it would be now had I not cut it.

      I hope your hair will grow as fast as possible!

      Sincerely, Adrienne

  7. bella tell you have to see my hair it used to be long and then i cut and now i can not get it to grow someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I reaaaally hope these work! I want my hair to grow at least long enough for a v haircut (from the back) within a month. It is currently at my shoulders. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ :\ :)

  9. I’m twelve, and I use Main N’ Tail. (Horse Shampoo.) It works very well, my hair grows about 1 Inch in a month. You can find this product at Wall*Mart, in the pet shampoo section, lol. But, hope your hair grows fast if you try it:).

    • Hey Hannah,
      I know the product u are talking about, (mane n tail) ive done all my research and by all acounts its a fantastic amazing range, however I’m having trouble getting it,, I have even been in touch with the makers of this range in America but still no closer to getting it, , so can u tell me where u got it from,

      Forever grateful,

  10. My hair used to go past my breast and I want it that long again, I’ve had my hair short for a couple years now and I miss my long hair is there anyway I can make my hair grow before I go back to school which is August 20th. It’s my senior year and I want to look good, I’m taking hair and nail vitamins but they don’t seem to be working I’ve been taking them for a few months now. Any ideas, please help!

    • Hey use the the horse samphoo it’ s really make your hair grow
      faster trust me and take trimming every 6 to 8 weeks . :)
      And try to eat lots of vitamins, protein and magnesium.

  11. bella you are really messy and dramatic saying ur not gonna tell us and to “suck on that”. SO imma need you to shutup and go find a man because oviously ur grumpy because you dnt have one. now suck on that bitch!!

  12. My hair is pretty long and pretty soft to a point. I once got my hair to grow about 5″ in a month. It was really damaged from the bottom one year so my mom got it cut. It grew back longer than it used to be in a month. I don’t like using chemicals for anything(except cleaning)so i don’t normally use hair products. All i do is shampoo and condition my hair every other day. Sometimes every two days, depends. Everyone in my school asks why my hair is long and nice. I always say “I don’t style it at all, no chemicals or heat. Just shampoo and conditioner.” Might not work for some girls but give it a try

  13. i have had hair that was halfway down my back and now its just above my shoulders because i dip dyed it purple and it faded so i had to cut it off. i need to have longer hair in about a week. please help me i really need longer hair. lets just say short hair does not flatter me:(

  14. i used 2 have a very long and thick silky hair till my 12 standard but nw im loosing my hair a lot and its not growing and becoming thin n short and having curls at the end. so in order to have my hair as before what should i do

  15. Come on I’m ten years old who wants long hair your so mean bella and that’s not part of life to do that so your going to make a youtube video and apologize cause how would u like it if u want to grow hair and someone won’t tell u it is just rude so rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. The best way to make your hair grow an inch or more a month is to use Monostat 7. I know it sounds crazy but go on YouTube and search Monostat 7 hair growth. Who would have ever thought that a yeast infection cure would make your hair grow like crazy!!!!

  17. I have the solution to ALL, of your problems. You need to limit your hair wash to 3 times a week. I do it Monday, Wednesday. and Friday. You can shower in between those days, just don’t wash your hair. And always, before you go to bed, use a regular hair brush with the small plastic balls on the bristles and give yourself a scalp massage. Flip your hair upside down for maximum help. Then use a boar brush ( a hair brush with sharp bristles) and flip your hair upside down and brush your hair for about four minutes. I do it every morning when I get up and every night before I go to sleep. If you do that your hair will grow long and grow fast :) your welcome

  18. Ohhhhh my god,hummmmmmmmm god of mercy,let me tell u my secret look,in my life i have never cut even if it is a quater inch i have never.i am jst 12 years old.frnds if u see ma hair u r gonna laughte over9yt.coz ma hair mayb even a baby that is not upto 3-4 month his/her hair is longer than mine.plzzzzzzzzzzzz 4 gudness seck help me,4 ur parent and the gods that u are worshiping.plz if u hav any advice contact me:07064323331.i wil be rely greatfull if u call me.tnx….

  19. Take biotin for hair, skin, and nails. Its has all of the vitamins that she mentioned that you need to take. And make sire that you brush you hair with a wide tooth comb when its wet it makes a huge difference. And really avoid using curling irons, and if you us a flat iron then make sure that its ceramic plated. And try using a sulfate free shampoo because sulfate will dry out your hair or go shampoo free and use baking soda as a shampoo and apple cider vinegar as a conditioner. If you use a flat iron or curling iron a lot then your hair will look a frizzy fir a while but soon it will go down and look better then every. I’ve been doing this for three years now and whenever I go to the salon they tell me that I have very healthy hair and I barley have any split ends. And before you go to bed put your hair in lose side pony tail to avoid breakage. Hope it works for you. :)

  20. oh you poor princesses. it’s hair. so shallow to beg and plea for something no one notices except for you and shaaaaaalllooooowwww jerks. i shaved my head, and yeah i am a girl, so it really pisses me off when you girls come onto these kinds of pages and hate yourselves for something so frivilious. you’re also sending such a good message, beauty is everything, long hair is everything. so if i don’t fit your standard am i ugly and worthless? I care what you think:

  21. Guyz why are u beggin for an answer?
    my hair is short is really want it to grow!!
    i have a secret okay wat u do is get olive oil put it in the microwave for 40 seconds have a shower put it in while haveing a shower and then wash it while massaging ur hair and then put conditioner in and massage ur hair, when u get out comb it and also before u get in the shower comb it…good luck guyz xoxo :)

  22. please i hate my hair and i really ant t to grow all my friends pick on me cuz of it and i wan’t it to stop ive asked them but they won’t listen like always they just think its a joke. and any way y would i want to suck on that its just stupid

  23. Horse shampoo is actually really good. It has more keratin in it than most human hair shampoos. My hair is just above my bum. It’s taken me 2 years to get it this long from shoulder lenght. (My hairdresser said it would take about 4 years)

    I only discovered the benefits of horse shampoo recently before this I was using eggs once a week in my hair and this worked great…..we need protein to promote growth in Hair.

    TIP: Vaseline/ petroleum jelly, is great to help grow/strenghten your eyelashes/eyebrows, just heat a little between your fingers and apply it to the lash line/brow bone and around the outside of the eye

  24. im 12 and i was at a sleepover and i let my friends cut my hair!!! not a very smart girl…my hair used to be long enough and now i have a bob and its soo short and i cant do anything with it :'( please bella im not asking for much just please tell me ….. im begging you! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  25. Please tell me! I just got over Cancer! And I have school in about a month! I get teased for looking like a boy, from hair loss, from the cause of chemo therapy. Please Tell me Bella!

  26. i have dry curly hair and i straghten it i give it a break on school days and weekends i wear my extentions on the weekends but my hair has been short for 2 years and has grown a little bit i put products in my hair, like marocan oil and i put heat protection in my hair but it still dosent grow it is shiny and soft but dont grow im sick of wearing fake hair and putting then in all the time. please help me i realy want long hair

  27. I’m using Rosemary Oil to stimulate hair growth on my scalp. I also heard that Grape Seed Oil (used for face) is also good for hair and scalp. Rosemary Oil doesn’t have a pleasant smell to it so I message it into my scalp before I add a leave-in conditioner to my hair. I have also used Horsetail Shampoo and there’s also an Horsetail Herb Supplement you can take that is good for the hair. Use can also use Placenta Treatment that is really goog too. I have been striving for along time and with past experiences using home remedies my grandma used has worked tremendously. My hair is growing long and healthy. Also one of my moms best secret is to trim your hair on the day of the New Moon (see dates on calendars). My mom is from Central America and swears by this and I have always had long hair all my life.

  28. To promote good hair growth. You can use oils on your hair such as olive oil and coconut oil. You need to deep condition your hair every time you wash your hair. You can also take Biotin pills 1000mg which you can get at the health food store and take once a day. Make sure you take a women’s multivitamin also if you take biotin so that you don’t get break outs on your face. I also drink herbal teas as well. You can also google Indian women hair growth tips because there is alot of info as to how Indian women get there hair to grow over 18 inches in a few years. Hope this was helpful

  29. I am 12, i just got a haircut today and it is rally short. It looks terrible (even my mom sid so). School is in 3 weeks, and i am so embarrase\sed to walk into school likethis. Can someone please help. i have benn crying for 7 hours straight. :( please help, i would really appreciate it.

  30. Hey, I heard of a supplement that helps with your hair growth, nails, and skin. It’s called BIOTINE made by NOW. My girlfriend uses it and she says it works. You can get it at any health store. It’s a vitamin that is in raw eggs n the reason why alot of people don’t get this vitamin is because when u cook the eggs it makes the vitamin no longer active.
    Talk to a health professional first..

  31. U can use things such as a mixture of organic blends organic extra virgin coconut peppermint oil (open scalp circulation) soy milk organic honey lemons and limes do to the natural acids cyane pepper coconut creAm and organic mashed alvacodo..all organic products are the best my hair grows very fast..also can do hot oil treatments (natural) and massage head for circulation..eating healthy plays a big role as well healthy diet and proper hair care treatment will show growth hope this helps good luck

  32. My hair nearly broke all off and I needed to grow it all out fast. My hair has grown SIGNIFICANTLY!! The answer is simple but patience is required:
    1. Ultra Nourish-Hair or PURVANA from GNC. Both contain biotin, niacin and other essential vitamins to speed up hair growth.
    2. Avoid shampoos and conditioners with sodium lauryl sulfate. Those dry out your hair and cause breakage.I recommend Morrocan Oil Shampoo and conditioner
    3. Clip your hair versus using ponytails
    4. If you have to style your hair use products before applying heat that protect against styling damage.
    5. Keratin treatments. These are optional because they are expensive but it has changed the dynamic of my hair growth unbelievably!!!
    Hope I have been of some help folks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. This is so gaaay. Shes obvi gunna be a biotchh and not tell so just leave it… my hair grew 2 inches in 3 days so if you want some real advice.. LOOK IT UP!!!!!

  34. calm down ladies. this girl is lying. if you are in the hair business or have taken classes, you’d know that it is impossible to have your hair grow overnight. the average growth per month is 1/2 to an inch. there are things you can do to help quicken the process. take biotin, folic acid, and even maxi hair (SOO cheap on also, do conditioning treatments. taking the vitimins will help you grow around 2 inches per month. it will also help your nails, hair, and eyelashes. good luck!!!

  35. hair grows an inch a month.thiicker in winter longer in summer,try herbal essences this will boost keratin in the follacules

  36. Well i am a women of color and my hair use to be a little past the bottom of mu ears then i started wearing sew in and i kept it up for like 3months and my hair grew a little past my sholders so i got it redone without getting a perm i judt got a hotoil treatment and wore my sew in for a couple months and it has grew even longer, ladies if you want long hair you.should it and ive never had long hair until now

  37. You can make your hair grow in a week by heating up coconut oil or olive oil and maybe even rosamary oil and massaging it into your scalp then keep your head upside down for 4 minutes and keep the oil in your hair for 2 hours then wash it off. theres lots of videos on youtube that show you how to do it and it actully works

  38. You can make your hair grow in a week by heating up coconut oil or olive oil and maybe even rosamary oil and massaging it into your scalp then keep your head upside down for 4 minutes and keep the oil in your hair for 2 hours then wash it off. theres lots of videos on youtube that show you how to do it and it actully works.
    Your hair will grow 1-5 inches in a week or less

  39. I used to have a very long hair but I trim it into a layer and I hate it’s look. I want my hair to be long and balance. Please help!!! I really want my hair to be long so badly!

  40. use horse shampoo & conditioner. it has literally worked wonders for me my mother sister and everyone else i have suggested it to. it is literally made for horse hair but also has directions on the back for human use. the kind i use is called Mane And Tail. it keeps my hair soo healthy, especially because i blowdry and straighten it every day if not more than once. it make it grow faster, thicker, healthier, and perfectly shiny. its not expensive either. it is the only 100% successful product i have ever used on my hair and i reccomend it to anyone!!

  41. my hair grew about 5 inches in less than a month all I did was Trim my hair every two months, and add chopped onion into an aloa vera shampoo the shampoo may have a weird smell at first but once you wash your the smell goes away and it really helps to make it grow. my hair took a very long time to grow but now that I use this method I can cut it and expect it to grow really fast. hope it works.

  42. I dnt knw,bt wen i wash my hair,my hair gets too dry and as it is curly very gets flowd means i cnt even do a pony,it mks me feel uncomfortable wen i tie a pony aftr washng my hair.i dnt us cnditioner coz it dsn’t suits me.i use straitners in occassions

  43. will someone help me? i reallly want loooooong hair so i can donate it to my cousin :( but i have no idea how to make it long is like halfways of my breast please i want it like up to my waist! any good ideass?!

  44. I am not racist but I want my hair to be as long as the white people I’m black but our hair doesn’t grow as fast as their’s. my cousin has really long hair but they kept it wrapped and keep tsking her to the salon i go once a month or maybe two.People say that i have long hair but i want it to be longer. For black people we have to keep oil and grease and other chemicals in our hair and wrap it in order for it to grow but it tskes a long time. Once again I am not racist but white people’s hair grow fater than ours because they are born with oil already in their head’s so I just want my hair to be long like their’s.:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. sorry i messed up on some of the words i meant taking,faster,and i also meant to capitalize the m in my when i had started off my sentence!!!!!!!!!!!:) SORRY!!!!!!!!!!:)

  46. There is no possible way to get ur hair to grow half an inch over night. I’m a hairstylist of 5 years. Hair generally grows half an inch a MONTH. If it grows slower than that n it doesn’t seem to grow at all, look at the ends of your hair. Is it split? If so, once it’s split all you can do is get a haircut. Nothing will actually mend split ends. Deep conditioners will help dryness and prevent breakage before it happens. If your trying to get your hair to grow a certain length by a certain time you can figure out how long its going to take if you remember hair grows half an inch a month. 1 inch = 2 months. Good luck!

  47. so.. i heard all of you need long hair , or want it. i heard about the prenatal vitamins , my sister tried it in shampoo. it didnt grow faster, but healthier.the mane’n tail shampoo works well as i heard, but my grandma had a recipe for hair growth :boil nettle( i think that is the name for it , in romanian is urzica)and after you shampoo your hair pouri the water on it. it also makes hair darker for about 2 tones if you are will be shiny

  48. im not gonna beg you cuz its obvious ur not gonna tell anyone your so called “SECRET”…The truth probably is you either didnt grow it half an inch over night or you’re going blind and need glasses. THE NAME SAYS IT ALL ^^^^^

  49. Girls, I have a tip.
    -Go as long as you can without washing it.
    -Eat healthy foods.
    Try not to eat chocolate or candy.
    -Drink plenty of water.
    -Try not to use heat.
    Use heat protectant sprays if so.
    -Use coconut milk oil.
    It reduces the dryness of the hair.
    -Measure the length of your hair every week.
    Take about 3 weeks and you will see results!

  50. all you have to do is eat healthy food,exercise better and get some more sleep.and always drink a glass of milk before you sleep,its works.

  51. if you guys use KERATIN by CHI . It will really help , you can use it when ever , before shower or after even when you wanna do your hair instead of water you can use the KERATIN , it works to make your hair shiny & no split ends at all . (:

  52. OMG!!! You have to tell me Bella. I cut my hair and it is mushroom shaped and doesn’t even move in the wind! I can’t flip it, I get bullied horribly because they say I look like George Washington and should dress up like him for halloween! I don’t want to be George Washington, this year I’m going to be a vampire! I’m twelve by the way…Believe it or not, I’ll even get pushed into the lockers by these jerk-girl wannabe’s. My hair used to be long and up to my knee’s. NOT KIDDING! I cut it two days ago and regret it so much that I’d rather jump off a bridge than look like this until it grow’s back! PLEASE! I’M BEGGING! HAVE MERCY!

  53. Please! Bella you have to tell me! I cut my hair so short it looks like a mushroom. I even get bullied! NO JOKE! It used to be up to my knee’s! NO JOKE! I’d rather jump off a bridge than wait for my hair to grow again!

  54. Haha what at biaatcchh.. Anyway.. If you girls happen to find Garnier shampoo that says for longer hair etc. Try it!! My grandmother used to buy me that shampoo while she was in California and ship it here in the Philippines. I used it and it really worked for me! But sadly I couldn’t find it here in the Philippines. :'(

  55. Girls, this “Bella” is lying. For whatever reason she feels it necessary to tease you all. I have a family friend who made a profession of doing natural hair. There is NO way her claim is true. If you really want healthy hair then you need to do all of the things this blog says. If you are mixed or have very curly hair, skip on the shampoo. Honestly I only shampoo my hair about once every two weeks. I cut all of my hair off about two years ago and it is longer and healthier than it has been since I was a child.

    If I were to recommend products I would say ABBA is amazing, they do not have sulfates or harsh chemicals in their products. For my fellow curly girls I would highly recommend DevaCurl. Go do your research, do not trust random people. Melissa Stites is the stylist I was talking about. She has her own stylist page on facebook, go check her out!

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