How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

It is important to wash your hair in order to keep your scalp clean. Scalps that are not clean will not promote proper hair growth. But most of the dermatologists and hair stylists suggest that you should only wash your hair once or twice a week. So the question is ‘how often do you really need to wash your hair?’ 

There are really no hard and fast rules regarding when you should shampoo your hair. The main purpose of washing hair with a shampoo is to get rid of excess oil and the dirt that accumulates on the scalp. Another reason is due to styling routine. Well, the general rule is to wash your hair when you need to!

When hair is washed with shampoo, it feels fresh and smells great. But using shampoo more than required can damage your hair beyond repair. Too much use of shampoo can impact the oil glands in the scalp that produce sebum. It is the sebum that decides the hair growth rate.

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Also hair is a kind of fiber which gets damaged due to too much of washing with shampoo.  Well, the answer to the query as how often should you shampoo your hair can be decided by how oily your scalp is along with the type and texture of your hair. 

Washing your hair daily or in every 2-3 days:

This routine is for those having oily hair. Also people with very short hair, or those who exercise daily, or those who sweat a lot or those suffering from dandruff must wash their hair twice to thrice in a week.

With frequent washing, the natural oil of the scalp can be easily distributed and also the moisture level in the hair can be maintained. In between washes, you can always go for a basic rinse followed by a conditioner.

Washing your hair weekly:

This routine is perfect for those having curly hair. You must wash your hair only when it feels dirty. As curly hair is dry by nature it does not attract dirt too often. So there is no need to wash hair twice or thrice a week. Weekly shampoo and condition is just perfect for keeping curly hair clean. You can always rinse your hair with water followed by a conditioner. 

Washing your hair fortnightly or in every 3-4 weeks:

This type of hair care routine is perfect for those having normal to dry hair. Even people having medium length to long hair can follow this routine. There is no point in using a shampoo to wash your hair if there is no sign of oil and dirt in your hair and scalp. Less oily hair means less dirty. Even though regular use of shampoo in not recommended, yet you can always wet your hair as often as you like.

Other Important Points:

  • If you feel like to washing your hair frequently, you should go for daily conditioning. This way you can easily keep your hair manageable in between shampoos.
  • There are various natural alternatives to shampoo. One such option is dry shampoo that can be used in between washed to keep your scalp and hair clean.
  • If you to use chemical treatments on hair regularly, you must wash your hair with a mild shampoo no more than every other day.
  • If you reside in a highly polluted area where there is too much of dirt and dust, then you must rinse your hair daily with lukewarm water followed by a light conditioner.
  • For those having the problem of dandruff or some kind of scalp infections must wash their hair daily. This will help in reducing the accumulation of oil and yeast on the scalp. But here you need to choose your shampoo wisely. You can even consult your dermatologists to recommend one for you.

So, it is time to find out your hair type and texture and follow the right hair washing routine. The right routine will promote faster and healthy hair growth. 

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