How Does Castor Oil Help Hair Growth

A lot of people want to know about castor oil as whether it helps hair growth. Well, the truth behind castor oil and hair growth is that it can surely help a lot in taking care of hair loss and hair thinning problem.  In fact many people have been using castor oil for years to treat their hair loss problem and have got positive results too.  

Castor oil

Use of castor oil is a natural way to make your hair healthier and thicker. Having plenty of medicinal uses, castor oil is very effective in maintaining beautiful and healthy hair. So, if you are facing hair problems such as hair thinning and hair loss, it is time to get a castor oil and get benefitted from it. 

What is castor oil?

Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of the castor bean plant. Since time immemorial the oil is used for a various hair and skin care problems. It is regarded as valuable oil due to its myriad uses. This liquid oil can be colorless or very pale yellow in color with mild or no odor or taste. When you touch this oil, it feels thick and sticky. As this get absorbs fast and easily into skin and scalp cells, it is one of the most popular ingredients used in many skin and hair care products. 

Why castor oil is popular?

Castor oil has been used for generation and even today there is a huge demand for this oil in the market. The simple reason behind the popularity of castor oil is due to its curative and medicinal properties. The Ricinoleic acid found in castor oil help in getting rid of bacterial and fungal infection on the scalp that causes hair loss. This oil is also used extensively in many popular home remedies for hair growth.

Benefits of Castor oil for hair growth

Stimulates Hair Growth:

When it comes to hair growth castor oil is really good. When you massage with castor oil it stimulate the hair follicles leading to new and faster hair growth. Also as this oil gets easily absorbed by the scalp, it helps hair follicles to grow additional hair.

Conditions Scalp:

Regular use of castor oil also conditions the scalp and hair. Well conditioned hair means healthier hair and better texture. Healthy hair strands appear thicker as compared to unhealthy hair strands. This hair oil must be used by those having thin hair.

Strengthens Hair:

Each and every hair strand becomes stronger with the regular application of castor oil. Stronger hair stays in the follicle for a longer period of time. Thus, there will be less hair breakage and hair loss. Broken hair strands can make hair appear thinner but with castor oil you will not be facing any such problem.

Prevents Hair Loss:

Due to the anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal properties of ricinoleic acid available in castor oil it also helps in preventing hair loss. When you apply castor oil on to your scalp it protects the scalp and hair from infections that can cause hair loss.

Solves Dryness:

The omega-9 fatty acids available in castor oil keep the hair well moisturized and nourishes. It also prevents the scalp from becoming too dry. Regular application of castor oil to your scalp and roots will make dry hair soft and shiny within months. Dry scalp is one of the many reasons behind hair loss and other hair related problems.

Solves Dandruff Problem:

When you apply castor oil onto your scalp it cleanses the scalp thoroughly without leaving any trace of dry flakes. It removes the dirt and bacteria that clog the pores that often become the reason behind dandruff and hair fall. Dandruff is also caused by too much sebum production in your scalp that can be easily controlled by the anti-bacterial property of castor oil. 

Cure Scalp Infections:

The healing properties of castor oil can be used to cure scalp infections and other side effects caused due to various chemical treatments. This oil will prevent your hair from becoming brittle and will promote healthy hair growth.

Acts as Lubricant:

Castor oil also works quite effectively as a lubricant for the hair. Natural lubricants produced by our body often do not reach the hair roots. Castor oil helps to maintain a healthy level of lubrication on hair and assists in keeping hair from getting tangled.

Brings Shine to Hair:

As castor oil is humectants in nature it helps in maintaining the moisture level of hair. When hair is well moisturized it will become soft, shiny and strong. It also helps in helps in curing damaged, frizzy and split ends hair.

Stops Graying Hair:

When your hair is treated with castor oil regularly, you can get rid of premature graying of hair. After massaging the scalp regularly with the oil, the color of hair will become darker and there will be no trace of gray hair.

Well, castor oil is versatile as it can solve different hair problems. It can solve simple hair problems like frizzy locks, dandruff, or split ends along with serious hair problems such as excessive hair loss and damaged locks.

Where to buy castor oil?

Castor oil is available in the market. You must always buy cold-pressed and hexane-free castor oil which is tasteless and odorless in form. Using the unrefined or purest form of castor oil will give you best results. Avoid refined, adulterated castor oil as it can clog the pores on the scalp. A bottle of castor oil will last for a long time as due to its thick nature you need to use it in very small amounts. 

Best way to use castor oil:

Castor oil

Looking at the manifold benefits of castor oil for healthy hair, you must also give it a try. But before using castor oil for hair growth, it is essential to know how to use castor oil: Here is a step-by-step process of using castor oil:

  • Always invest in good quality castor oil to enjoy its benefits. Cold-pressed and hexane-free castor oil is the best one for hair.
  • Using your fingertips, apply castor oil to your roots and scalp thoroughly.
  • The oil should be applied on the roots and scalp. Avoid using the oil into your hair as due its thick consistency it cannot be washed out easily.
  • After applying castor oil, cover your hair with a towel for at least 15 to 20 minutes or allow it to set overnight.
  • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo to remove the castor oil.
  • Follow the process once a week for two to three months to see the results.

Note: You can also mix castor oil with grapeseed oil to minimize its thick consistency and to get relief from the unpleasant smell of the oil.

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To conclude, castor oil benefits for hair are astounding.  But, for those who are facing hair problems, it is essential to understand that using castor oil is just one of the strategies to encourage hair growth. For healthy hair growth there are many other factors too that need to be considered such as a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, regular exercise, proper hair care, using the best quality hair products and so on. When every criterion is fulfilled it will mean longer, thicker and stronger.

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21 thoughts on “How Does Castor Oil Help Hair Growth

  1. I am a 70 year old women in reasonally good health. two years ago I deceided to wear the mo-hawk it look great however, since then the hair has grown back but in spots is thin hair and the length hasn’t come back. I have use castor oil as laxative..I always wonder how it would work on my hair….if I could get it as the young girl stated of 100 %. I got a bottle but does it has a shelve life? it been awhile would the strength be less,to use it now? thank you.

  2. thanku for castor oil uses in hair growth
    whic is the best castor oil or which brand it shouold be used
    thanks and regds
    neeta golam

    • I just got my bottle to day try now solutions castor oil
      You get 16oz for 9bucks and some change on
      Theres many more options I pick this because of the good

  3. Hi my age is 22 years and i have a lot of hair problems. . .There is so many gaps between each hairs and it is very disgusting to see,lot of hairs keep on falling with their roots. . . will applying castor oil help to solve this problem,will new hairs grow?Please do rely me on my maid id. . .waiting for Ur reply thanks. . .

  4. dear sir/mam,

    i leave in raipur, chhattisgarh, india. i have a doughter 2.5 years old but her hairs are not healthy, thick or longer even her scalp looks from her hair. kindly tell me which oil is best for my doughter and also for me & my entire family so that we can enjoy watching our hairs.


    kamlesh talreja

  5. I use the Palma Christi hexane free and certified (cold-pressed) Castor oil. And though I think the efficacy of some home remedies do lessen through time, with castor oil unless it smells rancid – I would use it.

  6. My hair was very damaged, dry with terrible split ends. I said “was” because I have been using Jamaican Black Castor Oil since March of 2011 and my hair has grown so long and healthy that I can hardly believe it. I think I’ve had about 2 inches of growth, and that’s no exaggeration. I went from a little longer than shoulder length to mid back length. I highly recommend Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Buy it on or ebay. I have not used regular castor oil, so I can’t vouch for that. It has a smokey smell, so I use a few drops of lavender oil for a better scent and I dilute it with jojoba oil because it’s rather thick. Definitely try it!

  7. Hello Sir before one month i had hair fall problem, but after using castor oil my hair falling problem is 80% solved… but i have loosed many hairs… is their any possibilities to regrowth my hair???? i want hairs full of my scalp is it possible???? if it is possible mean what are ways to do it???? Thank you:-)

  8. I did rebonding last month . My hairs r too thin n its starting to hair fall . I want thick n longer hairs. Will dis castor oil will help me to get thicker n longer hairs… Plz help me

  9. Someone said it’s ok to put castor oil on eyebrows but be careful not to get it into the eyes. However “just fyi”, I don’t think it is harmful to the eyes because I have heard (and saw on youtube) that it can be used on eyelashes for longer stronger eyelashes, and that was suggested from a young girl with a medical condition that caused her eyelashes to become dry and brittle and fall out, and she would lose alot of her eyelashes in spurts until she began using castor oil which she had been doing for a number of years. She had the most beautiful long eyelashes and didn’t need to wear mascara since her eyelashes were already so full.

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