Home Remedies to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Long beautiful hair is a sign of beauty. This is why many people wish to have long and flowing hair. If you, too, are an admirer of beautiful long hair, there are many natural home remedies to make hair grow faster.

Although many experts say there is no way to accelerate the growth of hair, yet there are many home remedies that effectively result in faster hair growth.

Potato and onion

Some simple home remedies for your hair:


Onion can be of great use to promote hair growth. It helps regenerate hair follicles that help in the treatment of hair loss problem. There are two best ways to use onion as a home remedy for faster hair growth. Firstly, take a red onion cut into pieces and put them in water along with few garlic cloves and cinnamon sticks and allow it to boil for some time. Cool and strain the mixture and use it to wash your hair regularly to promote hair growth. Another home remedy is to mix minced onion in a mild shampoo. Allow the mixture stand for about 15 days and then use the shampoo regularly. It will help in hair growth as well as add shine to your hair. Alternatively, a simple mixture of lemon juice and onion juice in equal amounts when used for massage will also speed up hair growth. Onion home remedies for faster hair growth should not be followed by those who have colored their hair.


Pepper is a great home remedy to promote hair growth. For this, take finely chopped jalapeno pepper in a bowl and add half of a cup of vodka to it and allow it to stand for several days. Strain this mixture and then add two tablespoons of castor oil and now use this mixture to massage your scalp before going to bed. Wash your hair as usual in the morning.


It is a proven fact that grapeseed oil enhances hair growth. You can simply take some grapeseed oil for massaging your scalp before bedtime. In the morning, wash your hair with warm water to make it grow faster. Alternatively, you can make a mixture of 20 ml grapeseed oil, 3ml of jojoba oil, three drops of lavender oil, three drops of rosemary oil, two drops each of thyme oil and cedar wood oil. Massage your hair with this herbal oil and wrap a warm towel to allow the oil to get absorbed on the scalp properly. Later on wash your hair with warm water using a mild shampoo. This herbal oil will make your hair grow faster.

Birth Control Pills:

It might sound funny but it is true that birth control pills can alo make your hair grow faster. Grind five to six birth control pills and then mix it into your regular shampoo or conditioner. Wash and condition your hair as usual. This home remedy will not only make your hair grow faster but also healthier. However, before using this home remedy, you must consult your doctor to make sure it is all right for you to apply to your hair.   

Hot Oil Massage:

Hot oil massage once in a week helps in regulating the blood circulation to the scalp and nourishing the hair shafts with the essential nutrients. You can use coconut oil, rosemary oil, castor oil or olive oil for hot oil treatments. To warm the oil, pour it in a bowl and place the bowl in hot water. After massaging, leave the oil on the scalp for at least half an hour. This way your hair will grow faster and you will also be able to control dandruff and hair fall.

Natural Diet:

The quality of your hair is directly linked with your diet. Healthy and beautiful hair needs proteins along with certain nutrients, vitamins, essential proteins and essential fatty acids. Try to eat natural food items and avoid oily and junk foods. Along with a healthy diet, also drink plenty of water to speed up hair growth rate. Eating a healthy diet and consuming and adequate supply of water is the best way to make your hair grow faster naturally.

Aloe Vera:

This is a great natural product that can help in making your hair grow faster. There are many ways to use Aloe Vera. Firstly, you can use the gel of Aloe Vera and mix it with honey. Now apply it to the scalp, leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Another simply remedy is to cut Aloe Vera leaves in small pieces and leave them in water overnight. Apply the water to the hair and leave it for as long as possible. Also you can make a hair mask with Aloe Vera by mixing its gel with an egg and a glass of brandy. Apply this mask all over the head just before going to bed and wrap it securely. Wash your hair in the morning with cold water.


Potato is one of the vegetables that are easily available in the kitchen. From now, never throw the water in which you have boiled the potatoes. Let it cool, and rinse your hair with it to encourage new hair growth. With potatoes you can also make hair mask. Extract potato juice and mix it with an egg yolk and little honey and water. Apply this mixture to slightly damp hair and leave it in for about 30 minutes before rinsing it out with warm water. This effective home remedy for faster hair growth can give you results within a month.

White Rum:

White rum can be used in two different ways to promote faster hair growth. Firstly, take one liter of rum and add eight mango leaves to it. Leave this mixture outside in the sun for fifteen days. After fifteen days, take this herbal solution and mix it with warm water and use it for massaging your scalp at least once a week. Another way to use white rum for hair growth is to add finely chopped onions to one cup of rum and keep it at room temperature for 24 hours. Strain the onion first and then use the mixture to massage your scalp. Later on wash your hair with warm water.

Some important tips:

  • All the above home remedies are not for everyone. Natural does not mean that it is safe for all. So, consult your doctor first before using the above mentioned home remedies.
  • Never expect immediate results. Your hair will never grow overnight. Have patience and follow the home remedies regularly to see positive results.
  • These home remedies will be effective only when you eat a healthy diet, sleep well, exercise regularly and avoid using chemicals on your hair.
  • As hair grows more when you are taking rest, it is important to enjoy a sound sleep of 6 to 7 hours daily to make your hair grow faster.
  • Home remedies will not be effective while treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy etc is going on.
  • Trim your hair after every five to six week to remove split ends that prevent hair growth.
  • Do not blow dry your hair and let your hair dry naturally. If possible wash your hair only once a week, with cold water since hot water can damage the hair follicles.

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To conclude, these are some easy to follow home remedies to make your hair grow faster. Be sure to consult with your doctor if you have any problem regarding these home remedies for faster hair growth. 

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  1. does any of this depend on your age? if so can you use the aloe/honey combonation for a 13 year old? i am 13 and i want my hair to grow faster and if possible is there any ways to make hair grow faster over night? please i would like answers send me an email on yahoo my email adress is innocenceholder@yahoo.com please and thank you.

  2. I loved these tips!! Can’t wait to try them!!:D I got my hair cut way short after having it long and I want my old hair back so i can’t wait to try these tips! thank you so much!!

  3. Well , My friend told me to use olive oil .
    She said put it in your hair & Message your scalp while your hairs upside down for two minutes .. & To leave it in for 2 hours & Wash your hair like you usally do . She said if you do it everyday for a week your hair will grow 3 inches ?
    I was wondering if that was true ? & If it is , Do I use just cooking olive oil? I need answers ASAP?

  4. I swear by Aloe Vera gel straight from the plant for everything from healing sun damaged sunburns, to making facials, and I’m it’s great for the hair. I’ve also tried prenatal vitamins everyday as a multivitamin and it really does work for me cuz of the extra benefits of protein and minerals.

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