Hair Mistakes That Most of Us Commit

Hair is an integral part of one’s beauty. Hence, irrespective of being a man or woman, everyone takes proper care of their hair. But even after following a proper hair care routine, many people do not have shiny, gorgeous and healthy hair. This happens because often we do not pay close attention to how we treat our strands.

The way you wash your hair, dry, and style your hair can seriously affect the health and appearance of your locks. There are many small mistakes that many of us commit when it comes to taking care of our hair. This in turn causes huge damage to hair, making hair dull and lifeless.

Hair care

Common hair mistakes that most of us commit are:

Not Brushing Hair before Washing

It is very common to find people who do not brush their hair before washing. This is something that can cause huge damage to your hair. Remember, hair is weakest when it’s wet, and so when you start brushing your hair when it is wet, there will be more hair fall. Plus, wet hair is more prone to tangling. So, to prevent hair fall, one thing that you can do is brush your hair properly, remove all the tangs and then shampoo and condition your hair.

Treating Split Ends With Products

There is no such product in the market that can help to treat split ends. To prevent split ends, avoid over-washing, rigorous towel drying, and excessive use of heat tools on hair. Remember that once your hair has split ends, the only solution to get rid of them is by trimming them. Do not waste your money on chemical enriched hair products.

Rigorous Towel Drying

Towel drying your hair is a good practice, but remember to do it gently. When you start rubbing your hair rigorously with a towel it will roughen up the hair cuticles. This in turn will lead to dull hair, frizz, and unnecessary hair breakage. After washing your hair, pat dry your hair with a towel and remove the tangles with your fingers. Well, your hair will take longer to dry, but it will be good for your hair.

Excessive Washing

When it comes to the overall health of your hair, do not be a clean freak. There is no need to shampoo your hair daily. In fact, daily use of shampoo and conditioner will strip your scalp of healthy oils, making your hair look dull and lifeless. If you are a sports person or love to swim daily, try to just rinse your hair with water or to the most you can use a light, volumizing conditioner every other day.

Not Brushing From Roots to Ends

Brushing your hair helps to improve blood circulation to the scalp. Good blood circulation is essential to enjoy proper hair growth. It is important to massage your scalp with a wooden-bristle brush for at least five minutes daily to stimulate circulation and hair growth. Also it helps to add natural luster and shine to your hair. But many people avoid brushing their hair from root to end and end up brushing the ends only.

Haphazard Conditioning

Proper conditioning is important to enjoy good and healthy. But most of us do not condition our hair correctly. It is recommended to apply conditioner only to the hair ends to prevent flat, weighed-down tresses. But this rule is not applicable for those who have fine hair; instead they should condition their roots as well. Also you must avoid over conditioning your hair and be sure to rinse the conditioner completely until the water runs clear to prevent residue build-up.

If you are making any of these above mentioned mistakes, then it is time to rectify them. This will help a lot to get the type of hair that you have always wished for.

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