Hair Care Tips For Small Babies

When it comes to taking care of small baby’s hair, most of the mothers get tensed. Small babies especially toddlers need special care and attention for their hair. At the time of birth toddlers can have thin, thick, curly, or no hair at all on their scalp. This hair will gradually fall out giving space to new hair growth. No matter what as baby hair is very different as compared to that of an adult, it needs special care and attention.

Children hair care

Here are some useful baby hair care tips for you to follow:


When it comes to combing your baby’s hair, you need to be extra careful. It is very common to find babies hair with too many tangles that you need to detangle by combing it. For your baby’s hair, use a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush with fine bristles. While combing, start from the ends and then gradually move towards the roots. In case of knots, smooth it out with your fingers first and then comb the hair. As your baby’s scalp is soft and sensitive, you need to be very careful or you will end up hurting your baby.

Hair wash:

As babies usually remain inside the home there is no need to wash their hair daily. Wash your baby’s hair at least twice a week to keep it clean. Always use a good quality baby shampoo to wash your baby’s hair. Take a little shampoo and rub in a gentle circular motion. Be sure to hold your child securely while washing hair to avoid any kind of accidents. As baby’s are usually very unstable you need to be extra careful to make sure no shampoo gets in your baby’s delicate eyes. Also incase while feeding food goes in the hair, wash it with water immediately.

Handle Cradle Cap:

It is very common for baby’s to have cradle cap which is a kind of dandruff. During cradle cap, oily and flaky patches of skin can be noticed on the scalp. There is nothing to worry about as small babies generally have it. In case of cradle cap, you need to comb and wash your baby’s hair more frequently. This way all the dry skin will come out from the scalp. You can also rub a little olive oil or baby oil into the scalp and massage it gently to prevent scalp dryness. Else you can apply some Vaseline on your baby’ hair to enjoy healthy and shiny hair. In no way you should scrap your baby’s soft scalp as it can surely lead to infection.


After the celebration of your baby’s first birthday it is time for your bay to have a haircut. As small babies can be scared to see the scissors and other hair styling tools, you need to go for a hair cut when your baby is relaxed and not feeling hungry or sleepy. With the right haircut, it will become much easier for you to take care of your baby’s hair and also your baby will feel relaxed without hair coming in front of their delicate eyes. If you wish you can even shave your baby’s hair.


When you take your baby for a trip outside the comfort of your home, you need to protect your baby’s hair from the sun and the wind. Cover your baby’s head with a hair or cap which even looks stylish. During extreme cold and dry weather, you can apply some gel or baby oil in your baby’s hair to keep it under control.

Be gentle:

As the scalp of small babies is very soft and sensitive you need to be very careful. Small babies are very sensitive to any kind of pressure on their scalp. Never put pressure especially on the soft part on the top of the baby’s head. When you comb or wash your baby’s hair try to be as gentle as possible. Also it is essential to use high quality products, combs and brushes for your baby’s hair.

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So, now you know that for your baby’s hair special care and attention is required. Just be gentle with your baby’s hair and you will find it easier to wash or comb it without irritating or causing pain to your baby. A good hair hygiene schedule will allow your baby to enjoy proper hair growth in future.

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