Gray Hair Reasons, Solutions and More

The process of aging brings with it many changes in the body which also includes graying hair. Millions of people, both men and women suffer from this particular hair problem. With age graying hair can be understood but when the sigh of gray hair occurs before time it is known as premature graying. This problem is very nowadays as people suffer more from daily stresses, genetic influences and various environmental issues.

What causes gray hair?

The main cause behind the change in hair color and turning into gray shade is the slowdown in the actions generated by the melanocytes. This is a kind of cell that produces melanin, a pigment that decides the color of hair. It is obvious that with age the productivity of melanin will be less and gradually there will be no production at all. As gray hair will occur with age, nothing can be done to stop it. But the good part is with certain changes in the hair care routine, the pace of the process of premature graying can be slowed down.

Gary hair

Reasons behind premature graying:

Premature hair graying can be due to a number of reasons. It can be due to certain kind of medical or health conditions and another reason can be hereditary. So if your parents have this problem, changes are high that you can even have them.

There are some other factors too that can cause change in the hair color. Some of the factors include nutritional deficiencies which are important for hair growth, in balanced diet, hormonal changes in the body, living in a high polluted area, early menopause, diseases such as thyroid or skin problems, medicinal impacts, excessive stress, use of too much chemicals, smoking habit, unhygienic hair care routine and so on.

Some of the solutions

Hair Dye:

Hair dye or color is the most popular solution for gray hair. Just apply a coat of dye and the gray strands are not visible. But before using one, you need to check the ingredients as it can contain harsh chemicals like ammonium peroxide and alcohol. Before using a dye, always test a small area first for any allergic reaction. Also don not use dyes and colors that contain bleaching agents as it do more damage to your hair.

Balanced Diet:

Improper diet or lack of nutrition can cause graying of hair before time. So, at the first sign of a gray hair, you must visit a nutritionist to find out whether you are having a well balanced diet or not. Try to eat foods that are rich in minerals such as iron, sodium, Vitamin B5, biotin, Vitamin B12.  Along with diet, also cut down on smoking and your habit of drinking more than two cups of coffee per day. Lastly, never forget the goodness of water.

Hair care products:

There are different types of hair care products that we all use on regular basis to take care of our hair. When buying products such as conditioners, shampoos, gels, hair masks and so on always buy that are best for your hair type. If you have dyed your hair, buy a shampoo designed for that. Also never make the mistake of using products not suitable to your hair type.

Coconut oil massage:

Regular hair massage with coconut oil is the secret behind long, strong and black hair. When coconut oil is mixed with curry leaves the benefits are more. What you need to do is just boil the curry leaves in coconut oil. Now use this oil massage your scalp and hair at least thrice a week. Using a mixture of coconut oil and dried gooseberry powder can also be very helpful in getting rid of gray hair.

Avoid plucking of gray hair:

Often when gray hair appears people get embarrassed and try to get rid of this problem by plucking the gray strands. This is something that you should never do. Each hair has a root and hair follicle. Hair follicles contain melanocytes that are responsible for the production of melanin pigment that gives color to hair. When these cells become less it causes change in hair color. So, pluck the gray hair is not a great solution. Instead, your act of plucking the gray hair can damage the follicles, nerves and hair roots. Such damages can in turn cause infection. Also pull out gray hair will make your hair thin.

Final Words:

Gray hair is a natural part of the aging process but when it appears before time you can deal with it. Just follow the above mentioned solutions to fight the signs of gray hair and you can easily keep your hair looking young and beautiful. In case if you do not see any positive results you must see your physician as graying of hair before time can even mean that your body is not healthy from within.

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