Goodness of Shea Butter for Hair Care

Shea butter, extracted from shea butter nuts is used worldwide for making different types professional hair care products. As it has the goodness of various minerals, vitamins, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, its usefulness cannot be avoided. It is useful for taking care of hair along with various beauty and skin related problems. Shea butter, extracted from shea butter nuts is popularly used in making professional hair care product.

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What is shea butter?

It is a fatty substance made from shea butter nuts of karite trees. These trees are mainly found in the savannah regions of West and East Africa. The color of the shea butter is a creamy shade. The traditional way of extracting shea butter from the nuts is a long process where the nuts are first cracked, then grilled and later on pounded to extract a fatty substance. It is then boiled in water until the butter rises to the surface. However, nowadays, shea butter is extracted with the aid of modern machines and equipments. While shea butter is used for various purposes, it is most well known for its hair benefits.

Shea Butter and Hair Care Benefits:

  • The anti-inflammatory properties help in keeping the scalp free from any type of infection.
  • Scalp problems like dry scalp, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis can be cured with regular usage of shea butter.
  • One can also get rid of dandruff with shea butter as it cleans the scalp without clogging the pores. 
  • The negative impacts of excessive coloring and blow drying on hair can also be made better with the regular use of shea butter.
  • The effects of pollution on hair can also be cured with shea butter.
  • The moisturizing property found in shea butter is a great relief for damaged and brittle hair as it can make it conditioned and revitalized.
  • Dry hair can also be benefitted by shea butter. It will soften the dry hair by locking and concealing the moisture.
  • The light and non-greasy texture of shea butter makes it the perfect leave-in conditioner for dry hair.
  • The goodness of vitamins A and E found in shea butter is perfect for repairing hair breakage and treating split ends.
  • It offers protection to hair from the negative impacts weather such as wind, humidity, and extreme dryness.
  • It also helps to nourish normal hair and makes it strong and healthy like never before.
  • The rejuvenating minerals and vitamins available in shea butter also promote hair growth.

The benefits of shea butter for hair are something that many people were not aware of some few years back. But now more and more people are becoming aware of the goodness of this natural product.

How to Use Shea Butter on Hair?

  • For dry hair, shea butter should be used to massage the scalp. Always massage on a clean scalp and in damp hair after washing your hair with a shampoo. After massaging the scalp with shea butter, cover your hair with a warm towel for around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • For normal to oily hair, shea butter should never be used directly on the hair. To use take one part of melted shea butter and mix it with extra virgin olive oil and then massage the scalp and hair. You should massage at least six hours before shampooing.
  • You can also mix shea butter with your regular shampoo. This way you can be highly benefitted by the moisturizing property of shea butter every time you wash your hair.
  • Raw form of Shea Butter can also be used to close pores. Also the natural hair moisture will remain intact on the strand and follicles.
  • Hair oil made of shea butter can be used for deep conditioning damaged hair.  It will offer natural moisturizer to the hair roots and restore the shine of your hair. .

Which type of shea butter is good for hair?

Not all shea butter has the same quality. The quality factor is decided by various elements such as nature of the nuts, method of extraction, and storage system. In the market you can find shea butter in five grades: A, B. C, D and E.  The grades A and B are considered good for hair care.

To conclude, looking at the innumerable benefits of shea butter, it is now being used in many cosmetic products, either as one of the ingredients or as the main one.

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  1. i agree with you.

    Shea butter is very famous because it is very efficient and can bring good results when it is used to treat hair.

  2. I’ve never tried shea butter, but I found argan oil to work great at looking after my hair. This stuff helps and condition deeply to nourish and protect your hair. I use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil, it’s great stuff, got it at beyas. ca :)

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