Get Benefitted From Hair Steaming

The process of hair steaming is good for your hair. Hair steaming is a kind of deep conditioning method done with water from where vapor comes out when heat is applied. Hair steaming process allows hair to remain moisturized and softer and helps a lot in making your hair grow at a faster speed. Hair steaming process can be done using a hair steamer or by using a hot towel at home.

Hair steaming is getting more and more popular as it has no side effects. So, those who wish to have healthy hair must give it a try.

Hair steaming

There are many benefits of hair steaming such as:

Opens blocked pores:

It is important for the pores on the scalp to remain open to enjoy proper hair growth. Steaming process opens up all the clogged or clocked pores of your hair. When pores are open and you oil your hair, oil will enter the hair roots and offer them the required nourishment. Proper nourishment will strengthen your hair roots and allow the hair follicles to grow properly. When hair is strong there will be less hair fall too.

Helps in hair styling:

It is not possible to style your wet hair as it will cause hair fall and styling your wet hair can cause itchiness and scalp infections also. Also you need to first blow dry your wet hair but we all know that blow drying is not good for your hair. So, the best solution is to use a hair steamer to style your hair. With a steamer you can make your hair slightly wet or damp to make your desired hairstyle. Also steaming improves elasticity of the hair which means hair strand can be stretched without breaking. Elasticity is important for proper hair styling.

Cleans the scalp:

Constant exposure of scalp to harsh products, chemicals, and pollution can make it dirty. You must keep your scalp clean in order to enjoy proper hair growth. Washing helps a lot to keep the scalp clean but there are some stubborn dirt and dry kind that does not go easily. Such dirt can be removed with steaming. Regular steam therapy can improve the condition of your hair and scalp. Steaming is a great way to clean your scalp thoroughly.

Encourages hair growth:

Steaming opens up the pores and keeps the scalp well moisturized. It also keeps the scalp clean and purified which are important for healthy hair growth. Steaming your hair provides your hair follicles the much needed extra impetus to enjoy better and faster hair growth. With regular hair steaming therapy you do not have to worry much about hair breakage or excessive hair fall. But along with steaming you need to follow a proper hair care regime to promote healthy hair growth.

Allows deep penetration:

Better and deeper penetration of hair care products into the scalp is important. For instance if you apply oil on your hair after steaming it will allow the oil to penetrated deep into the hair roots as steaming opens up the scalp follicles and hair cuticle. Also the process of steaming improves the blood circulation in the scalp. Thus, hair steam treatment is highly beneficial for those who are looking for positive ways to re-grow their hair once again.

Stops dryness:

When steam is applied to the hair, it opens up the hair shaft. This allows hair shaft to retain the moisture into the hair. When your hair roots and hair shafts are well moisturized, there will be no dryness on the scalp and the texture of your hair shafts will improve a lot. With regular hair steaming you will have soft hair. Also steaming will help in controlling hair breakages that occurs due to tangles. When hair is soft and smooth there will be less tangles and less hair breakage.

Takes care of damaged hair:

When chemical treatments or chemical products are used on hair it becomes damaged. Damaged hair has rough and cracked hair cuticles and such hair does not grow properly. It is important to take care of damaged hair and make them healthy once more. When steaming is done on damaged hair it closes the hair cuticles and makes them hydrated which leads to silky smooth and shiny hair with volume. For damaged hair along with steaming you need to take proper nutrients.

Controls dandruff:

With regular hair steaming therapy, you can control dandruff caused by dry scalp to a great extent. Steaming also controls sebum production secreted via the sebaceous gland. Excessive sebum is one the main reasons behind dandruff. When steam is applied, it opens up the pores and loosens the dry flakes and greasiness on the scalp. It also removes dead skin and fungus buildup on the scalp. This helps in eliminating dandruff problem and will reduce the problem of scalp itchiness.

Important Points

  • Any hair type such as normal, dry, oily and combination type can be hugely benefitted from hair steaming.
  • The number of hair steaming therapy depends on your hair type and the current condition of your hair. Remember that there is no need to do hair steaming daily. A gap of eight to ten days is good enough.
  • After the steaming therapy you must rinse your hair with cold water to allow the hair cuticles to close so that the end result is shiny and smooth hair.
  • It is better to use distilled water, as it contains less particles and chlorine that are not good for your hair.
  • During steaming therapy your must handle your hair with care and must style your hair once your hair and scalp have cooled down properly.


Well, with the changes happening around us it is time to make changes in our hair care routine. Along with washing your hair with shampoo, applying conditioner, combing and brushing hair, drying your hair, eating proper food and using various cosmetic products, you should consider hair steaming also. Till now there are no known side effects of hair steaming, and this we need to give hair steaming a try.

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