Four Factors Affecting Hair Growth Rate

In general, the average hair growth of a person is half an inch every month. Even so, there are various factors that affect the normal hair growth rate. It can often cause hair loss or not allow your hair to reach its maximum length.

Hair loss is a very common problem faced by many. Most of the times, people suffer from the problem of hair loss due to various lifestyle factors. These factors can be managed easily to improve the condition of your hair growth rate.

Hair growth factors

There are various things that can affect your normal hair growth rate, but the most common are:

  • Smoking
  • Improper diet
  • Too much stress
  • Lack of physical exercise

It is true that smoking can cause hair loss. Smoking affects your vessels, thus making it difficult for essential nutrients and oxygen to reach your hair follicles which will lead to thinning hair and not allow your hair to grow at a normal pace. At the same time the various toxins, chemicals and carcinogens found in tobacco can even cause damage to the keratin which is an essential part of hair structure. Also smoking accelerates the aging process. So, if you are a smoker you must cut down or quit smoking if you wish to enjoy proper hair growth rate and do not want to become a bald.

An improper diet is also a key factor that can hugely affect your hair growth rate. Hair needs essential nutrients to grow in a healthy manner and if your body is not getting these nutrients it will obviously affect the hair growth rate. For better hair growth try to eat food rich in protein and sulfur as hair is basically made of protein, sulfur and water. At the same time you must keep your body well hydrated by drinking eight to ten ounces of water daily. Water will maintain the moisture level of your hair from the inside. Avoid eating food items having high fat, high sugar, and high salt and high animal protein as these are not good for your overall healthy including the health of your hair.

It is very true that too much stress can be the reason behind hair loss. Be it physical stress or emotional stress, it can cause hair loss amongst people irrespective of age. Too much stress can make the hair detach from the hair follicle and fall out. Also stress restricts the blood supply to the scalp. Without proper blood supply nutrient will not reach the hair follicles making it difficult for hair to grow at a normal speed. So, if you think you are in stress then you must immediately look are effective stress-management techniques to control your hair loss problem and to restore your hair to its previous glory.

Regular physical exercise is the mantra behind a healthy body and proper hair growth rate. Exercise improves hair growth rate. No matter how much busy schedule you have, it is important to take out some time for physical exercise. Even walking up to 30 minutes daily can improve your health. There are many benefits of walking like it will improve blood circulation, allow your scalp and hair to get the essential nutrients and so on. Also you need to give a good scalp massage in order to stimulate the blood circulation of your scalp. It is also essential to keep a positive outlook to whatever you do. 

To conclude, all the above mentioned factors can hamper your hair growth rate. So, it is time to keep these factors in mind and work on it to enjoy beautiful, healthy mane that you can be really proud of.

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