Five Simple Tips for Faster Hair Growth

It is the wish of most women to have long hair as it looks beautiful and has a feminine appeal to it. Also long hair can be styled in different ways. Long hair started out as a big trend in the 60s and appears to never go out of fashion and remains very popular even today.

On an average, healthy hair grows anywhere between four to six inches in a year. But very few women are blessed with this kind of hair growth rate. If you are also craving for longer hair, there are some ways to make your hair grow faster.

Hair growth tips

Here are the five easy tips to enjoy faster hair growth.

Proper hair wash:

To keep your hair healthy you need to properly wash it. There is no need to over wash your hair to make them grow faster. Instead try to wash your hair two to three times a week and not more than that. Those having extremely oily hair should wash their hair every alternate day. Also you need to follow the proper hair washing technique as improper handling of hair can affect your hair growth rate. Always use a shampoo according to your hair type to wash your hair. If possible use an herbal shampoo. After shampooing your hair, do not forget to apply some conditioner on your hair. Try to massage your scalp while washing it as increase the blood flow and help in hair growth. Also use lukewarm water to wash your hair to avoid damage. Usage of too much hot or cold water is not good for your hair.

Say no to hair styling treatments:

If you are serious about having long hair, then you must stay away from hair styling treatments. It has been found that too much use of harsh chemicals and hair styling treatments such as curling, perming, straightening, crimping, and more can affect the hair quality and slow down the hair growth rate. Chemicals and hair styling treatments make the hair roots weak, which can lead to slow hair growth, hair loss and hair breakage. When choosing hair care products, always choose one designed for your hair type. Also it is recommended to use herbal hair care products as they are made of natural products and will not cause side effects.

Regularly trim your hair:

Many people make the mistake of not cutting their hair to make them look longer. Well, this is something that you should avoid at any cost. It is very essential to get your hair trimmed in every six to eight weeks to ensure it is damage free and healthy. Trimming does not mean reducing your hair length, but simply trim the end to get rid of unsightly split ends. Remember that split end can slow down the hair growth rate. Also trimming increases your hair volume and makes them look healthy.

Proper diet plan:

A well balanced diet is required to enjoy healthy body as well as healthy hair. If you are not healthy from within you simply cannot enjoy proper hair growth rate and you can suffer from various hair related problems like hair loss, grey hair, hair breakage and so on. So, it is very essential to maintain a balanced diet to enjoy proper hair growth rate. Go for a diet plan that includes all essential vitamins, proteins, iron and minerals. It is a good idea to include eggs, cereals, green vegetables, dry fruits, fish, yogurt, liver, beans, and soy to your diet plan to promote hair growth. Along with food you need to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water day to keep your body well hydrated.

Hair growth supplements:

Apart for following a well balanced diet plan, you must also take a multivitamin once a day to improve your hair growth rate. With a multivitamin you can give your body the essential nutrients that a healthy diet may not be able to provide. For the right dose and type of multivitamin that you should eat, please consult a doctor. A supplement can be useful only when a proper dose is taken. Else it can have negative impact on your hair growth rate and hair quality.

To conclude, with the above mentioned tips you can easily make your hair grow faster. But you need to follow tips religiously for a few months to make your tresses as quickly as possible. Once your hair reaches the desired length, you need to maintain it properly. Always remember that long hair will look good when it is healthy and well maintained.

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