DIY Easy and Simple Shampoo Recipes

Shampoo is a common hair care product that that all of us use. There are different types of shampoos available in the market and in different forms and often people become confuse as which one to pick. First of all you need to buy a shampoo according to your hair type. For instance, if you have dry hair, then you need to buy a shampoo especially designed for dry hair.

Secondly, you need to check the ingredients properly. In some shampoos you can find harmful chemicals that can cause harm to your hair. In case your shampoo contains ingredients like Sodium Lauryl, Diethanolamine, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Ammonium Lauryl, Laureth Sulfate and Ammonium Xylene Sulfonate, it is better not to use that shampoo.

If you are still not sure as which shampoo will be good for your hair, you can always make one at home. It is very easy to make your own shampoo and that too with some very simple and easily available ingredients.

Diy shampoo

Ingredients for homemade natural shampoo:

  • One-forth cup of coconut milk
  • One-third cup of Liquid Castile Soap
  • Half a teaspoon of Vitamin E oil
  • 20 drops of Essential Oils of your choice like peppermint, lavender, rosemary and orange essential oil
  • Half teaspoon of olive oil or almond oil

Step by step process to make homemade natural shampoo:

  1. Collect all the ingredients in one place.
  2. Next in an old shampoo bottle, add all the ingredients.
  3. Close the lid and shake well to mix.
  4. Your home made shampoo is ready to use.

You can use this shampoo for up to a month. Make sure to shake well before every use. You will need just about a teaspoon of this shampoo every time you wash your hair.

There is another very simple instant shampoo recipe that you can try anytime. For this recipe you will need baking soda and distilled water. Take one tablespoon of baking soda also referred to as sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate, and add it to one cup of distilled water. Mix properly and store it into a clean, repurposed shampoo bottle. Feel free to use this shampoo whenever you need to wash your hair.

Both the shampoo recipes are safe for all types of hair. Plus, these shampoos will help to keep your hair clean, keep the scalp free from dandruff and also it will help to get rid of greasy and itchy scalp. Also the biggest benefit of using these homemade shampoos is that your hair will not get exposed to harmful chemicals that can cause harm to your hair as well as your skin.

Next time whenever you are in need of a new shampoo bottle, instead of heading towards a beauty shampoo, go to a departmental shop and buy all the ingredients with which you can make your own shampoo at home. Homemade shampoo will always take good care of your hair.

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