Complete Hair Care Guide for Black Hair

The structure and appearance of natural black hair are different from other type of hair. Each different types of hair need to be treated differently and black hair is not an exception in this regard. It is not necessary that what works for long straight hair will do the same for your dry and curly black hair. Just like not every foundation suits every skin tone so does the hair care products and hair care routine.

For black hair you need to focus on each and every segment of hair care routine like pre-shampoo care, shampoo, conditioner, deep-conditioning, oiling, brushing, combing, bed time care, and so on.

Black hair

Some black hair care routine tips for you:

Pre-Shampoo care:

Curly hair gets tangled easily and as black hair is curly and dry by nature it will get tangled easily. As tangle hair can break easily, you need to detangle it before washing your hair. You can detangle your black hair with the help of your fingers or with a wide toothed comb. Also you need to oil your hair properly before washing it. Warm extra virgin oil or almond oil or coconut oil or any of your favorite hair oil and apply it on your hair thoroughly. While applying oil make sure that hair strand is evenly coated with hair oil. You must apply oil on your hair at least thirty minutes before you plan to shampoo your hair. This way there will be enough time for the oil to get penetrated on the scalp hair strands properly. After applying hair oil you can cover your head with a shower cap. Oiled hair is also very easy to detangle.

Shampoo tips:

Black hair is curly due to curvy hair follicle which does not allow the sebum (oil) secreted by the sebaceous glands to reach the scalp and travel across the length of the hair. This results in lack of moisture leading to extremely dry scalp and also dry hair. This is why experts say not to shampoo your black hair daily. In fact you must not shampoo your hair more than once or twice a week. It will be really good for your hair if you shampoo it in every seven to ten days. Also you need to choose the right shampoo as a wrong one can cause more dryness. A gentle shampoo with a pH level of 4.5 to 6.7 is just perfect for natural black hair. Next when you shampoo your hair try to as gentle as possible as your hair is very fragile and rough handling can cause hair breakage. Put light pressure on the scalp with your finger tips while you shampoo your hair. It will help in improving the blood circulation to the scalp.

Shampoo alternatives:

If your scalp is allergic to shampoo or your hair is reacting to the shampoo in a proper way, there are other alternatives to keep your scalp and hair clean. First you can use an egg to shampoo your hair. Egg is a rich source of protein and hair is highly benefitted from protein treatment. For this easy to follow protein treatments, simply beat an egg or two and mix it with warm water to make a smooth solution and then apply the solution to the hair and lather. This solution will clean your hair like a shampoo making it soft and more manageable. Another way to keep your hair is through co-washing, where a mild conditioner in place of a shampoo is used to wash the hair. Dry shampoo can also be used for co-washing.


Natural black hair lacks moisture and it is a known fact that it is important to keep the hair strands well moisturized for healthy hair growth. This is why conditioning your black hair must be a very important part of your hair routine. Buy a conditioned made for dry or extremely dry hair. Also there should be very little or no alcohol in the conditioned as it will cause dryness. When you shampoo your hair it must be followed by a conditioner. Apply conditioned thoroughly on your hair strands and wait for few minutes before rinsing it with cold water. It is essential to rinse with cold water as it will close the cuticle and retain the moisture on your hair. Blot the hair using a towel to remove excess water and then allow it to dry naturally. On your damp hair apply a leave-in conditioner containing panthenol to add some extra moisture to the hair. In place of a leave–in conditioner, you can also apply shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, or extra virgin olive oil on your hair for additional moisturizing.

Deep conditioning:

For extremely dry and curly hair, deep conditioning treatments in every twelve to fifteen days time is a must. For deep conditioning take any of your favorite hair oil and warm it. Now with the help of your finger tips apply the warm oil properly on your hair and massage the scalp gently. The oil must be kept on your hair for a few hours and for best result keep it overnight. Use a warm towel or a cap to keep your hair covered. Finally you need to remove the deep conditioner from your hair properly by shampooing your hair. Only then you must follow your normal hair care routine. During deep conditioning treatment, the hair strands are coated with proteins and polymers which help a lot in making your hair stronger and more manageable. Deep conditioning treatment will even help in making your hair grow at a faster rate.


By following the above mentioned hair care tips you can improve the health of your natural black hair and make them more manageable, softer and stronger also. But you need to follow the hair care routine for some time before you start noticing the results. Also it is not necessary that everyone having natural black hair will enjoy the same results. There will be different responds and so you need to keep experimenting before coming up to the conclusion as what works best for your hair.  Be proud of your natural black hair and it will make you look exceptionally beautiful.

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