Complete Guide on Monsoon Hair Care Tips

We will love rain and wait for the monsoon season to come eagerly. But we must not forget that monsoon throws new challenges for your hair. With the arrival of monsoon you can notice a lot of hair problems such as itchy scalp, infection on the scalp, thinning of hair, frizzy hair, greasy scalp, dandruff, hair going limp and even hair fall.

But why monsoon causes such hair problems? Well, during the monsoon season, there is an increase in the humidity level in the air. Due to humidity, lot of sweating takes place in the body including the scalp. Sweating causes greasy scalp making the hair limp and extremely dull. Greasy scalp becomes the home to environmental residues, dirt and dust. As the moisture level in the hair is more than the required amount, hair becomes sticky and frizzy in nature. Also moisture and humidity increases the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi on the scalp leading to various kind of scalp problems like painful boils, dandruff, and scalp ringworm.


Well, there is nothing to worry about as all the hair problems that are common during the monsoon season can be easily solved by following the right hair care routine. During this time of the year, the moisture level in the air is very high. This is why you simply cannot carry on with your summer hair care routine. Here you need to modify the way you usually take care of your hair to suit the weather!

Some hair care tips during monsoon:

  • During the monsoon season you need to keep your hair and scalp clean. For this you need to shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week. This will prevent your hair from going limp and lifeless. For better result, use a good volumizing shampoo suitable to your hair type.
  • Conditioning your hair is important during the monsoon season. After shampooing your hair, you must apply a volumizing conditioner that suits your hair type. Do not apply the conditioner on hair roots but on the hair ends.
  • After washing your hair, squeeze the excess water with the help of a towel and allow it to dry naturally before going out. Don’t use a blow drier on your hair regularly, and in case you use a blow drier, apply a leave-on conditioner on your hair before using it.
  • Before washing your hair, go for deep conditioning treatment with hot coconut oil. You must go for oil massage two hours before shampooing your hair. This hair oil will penetrate deep into the scalp and hair strands making it soft and smooth. Also when you massage your hair with hot coconut oil, it will improve the blood circulation in your scalp.
  • Do not keep your hair open while going out. When hair is exposed to humidity in the air it can become brittle, dull and also there will be split ends. When going out tie you hair properly in a bun or ponytail. But don’t tie up wet hair as a damp scalp is one of the main reasons behind various fungal infections on the scalp.
  • While at home you must try to leave your hair open for at least an hour every day. This way the hair roots and the scalp will get some air which is very important to promote healthy hair growth.
  • Try to keep your scalp dry as much as possible. While going out in the rain carry an umbrella or wear a water-proof cap or a broad-brimmed hat. Even though your hair gets wet, make sure to dry your scalp properly as soon as possible. Later on do not forget to wash your hair.
  • During the monsoon season you must go easy with your styling products such as gels or serums. Excessive use of styling products will increase the sweat content in your hair and will make it very greasy and limp.
  • It is advisable not to go for hair proceduresd such as perming, coloring or straightening during the monsoon season. These hair procedures when come in contact with rain water can weaken the hair shaft leading to hair breakage, hair fall and also split ends.
  • It is very common to witness more hair fall during this season. But there is nothing to worry about as it happens due to change in the humidity level in the air and the problem will get solved as soon as the season changes.
  • Use the right kind of comb like a wide toothed comb to detangle your hair. Avoid combing your hair immediately after returning home or when your hair is wet. You must comb your hair when it is slightly damp or completely dry. Always comb you hair from the bottom and then gradually moving towards the roots.
  • Proper hygiene is a must. So once in a week take it some time to clean your comb, hair brush and other hair accessories you love to put on your hair. Dirty hair accessories can make your hair dirtier even though you wash your hair regularly. So, keep your hair accessories clean and dry.
  • Before the arrival of monsoon go for a haircut which will not require too much styling to stay in shape. It is better to keep your hair short as it can be easily maintained. Also when you cut your hair, there will be no split ends which can get really bad during the monsoon.
  • Lastly, you need to keep your body healthy from within by eating a healthy and well balanced diet. Try to include fresh fruits, green vegetables, raw salads, nuts, milks, milk based products and sprouts in your daily diet. Avoid oily and junk food and keep you body well hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water and other fluids.


With the above mentioned hair care tips you can keep your hair beautiful, healthy and shiny during the monsoon season also. There is a certain amount of special care and attention that your hair needs to remain healthy. So, now you can welcome the monsoon with open hands.

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