Stop Hair Shrinkage and Enjoy Stretched Hair

Natural curly and wavy hair mostly has the problem of hair shrinkage. It means irrespective of the original length of hair it will always look shorter. This mainly happens as natural curly hair is extremely dry by nature and thus it is difficult to styles them. People with natural curly hair often try different hair care products to get the much desired length so that they can style their hair in different ways. Instead of products, there are also some methods that can stretch the hair.

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Know the Difference between Hair Fall and Hair Breakage

When we notice hair on our pillow, shower or on our clothes, we generally come to the conclusion that it is hair fall. It is a very obvious thought as it is been found in a research that 80% of hair loss is from the root. But is it so in your case also? Well, not necessarily as it can be the problem of hair breakage instead of hair fall. Let’s find out the difference between hair fall and hair breakage. Continue reading

Top Signs Indicating the Need for a Haircut!

One of the most important aspects of hair care routine is a regular a haircut. To prevent split ends and keep your hair in good format and shape, a haircut is a must. But most of us ignore it or are not aware of when to go for a haircut. Ideally, a hair cut in every six to eight weeks is good for your hair. But at times you need a more frequent haircut or your hair looks better without a haircut for a longer period of time. In fact, there is no fixed time period for a haircut. Continue reading

Natural Ways to Pump up your Limp Hair

In hair care products, we spend a lot of money in order to get rid of limp hair and enjoy bouncy, shiny and beautiful healthy hair. But due to our eagerness to get bouncy hair, we often forget that chemical products are bad for our hair and can even cause huge damage to hair. Well, if you wish to protect or take care of your limp hair, you must try natural treatments or home remedies for limp hair. Continue reading

Get Benefitted From Hair Steaming

The process of hair steaming is good for your hair. Hair steaming is a kind of deep conditioning method done with water from where vapor comes out when heat is applied. Hair steaming process allows hair to remain moisturized and softer and helps a lot in making your hair grow at a faster speed. Hair steaming process can be done using a hair steamer or by using a hot towel at home. Continue reading

Now Relax Your Hair Naturally!

Most of us get our hair relaxed and we all have different reasons for doing that. While some relax their hair to make it more manageable, some do it to get rid of their natural hair, some do it to try new versatile hairstyles and some even do it to make their thick curly hair look straight and natural. Well, the reasons can be many but you need to bear in mind that relaxers contain chemicals that can make your hair brittle and cause split ends and breakage. Continue reading

Seven Top Signs Indicating Hair Makeover

Often we go for a dress makeover or look makeover to give a new touch to the way we look. We all wish to look better than anyone else and this is why time to time makeover is important. A complete makeover will not be considered complete until and unless you do some changes in your hair style or go for a new hair cut. Hair makeover is important but most of us ignore it as we are not even aware of the signs. Continue reading

Now Treat Monsoon Hair Problems At Home!

The first shower of rain and people start worrying about the various hair problems. Due to the addition humidity in the air, hair becomes oily, flat, dull and lifeless. Also there are other hair problems too like itchiness, scalp infections and more than usual hair loss. Usually most of the problems are seasonal and hair will get back to its original form and texture once the season is over. But this does not mean that you cannot do anything to get rid of the hair problems. Continue reading