Useful Tips to Enjoy Beautiful Hair This Winter

Irrespective of cold and shivering winter days, you can surely enjoy soft and silky hair. It is true that taking care of hair during the summer months is easy, but due to the cold and lack of moisture in the atmosphere managing the hair during the winter days can be difficult. But with some little changes in your regular hair care routine you can easily enjoy healthy hair during the winter days also. Continue reading

Five Foods That Are Good For Your Hair

For healthy hair you need to have a healthy body. If you eat the right kind of food, nothing can stop you from having full, shiny locks that bounces and makes other envy. We all spend money on hair care products but never realize the fact that a little change in the diet can make a huge difference. Always remember that healthy, shiny hair can be present in a healthy body only and no matter how expensive hair care products you use nothing can benefit your hair if they do not get the essential nutrients. Continue reading

Complete Hair Care Guide for Black Hair

The structure and appearance of natural black hair are different from other type of hair. Each different types of hair need to be treated differently and black hair is not an exception in this regard. It is not necessary that what works for long straight hair will do the same for your dry and curly black hair. Just like not every foundation suits every skin tone so does the hair care products and hair care routine. Continue reading

Natural Ways to Condition Black Hair

The growth of black hair seems to be slow but in reality it is nothing like that. Due to shrinkage, black hair usually looks shorter than the original length.  Hair shrinkage happens due to the curvy hair follicle which prevents the sebum (oil) secreted by the sebaceous glands to reach the scalp and travel across the length of the hair. This is why black hair lacks moisture leading to extremely dry scalp and also dry hair. Continue reading