Easy Tips to Manage Hair Breakage

Hair breakage and hair fall are two different things. Hair fall happens when a hair strand has reached the end of hair growth cycle. When hair falls out naturally it opens up the path from a new hair growth from the root by starting the hair growth cycle again. On the other hand, hair breakage is not natural and it clearly indicates towards damaged and weak hair. The main characteristics of hair breakage are broken hair with blunt ends.  Continue reading

8 Hair Signs that Indicate to Health Problems

When it comes to hair, most of us take ample care of it. Hair is the sign of beauty and it is the wish of most of the people to have beautiful and gorgeous hair. Very few people are aware of the fact hair also acts as a health barometer. It means the health of your hair and scalp give a clear indication of many different health problems.

This is why any kind of hair problem, be it hair fall, dandruff, gray hair or dry scalp is taken very seriously.

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Know Which Essential Oil to Use on Your Hair

Since ancient time, people have been using essential oils onto their hair. Even today also hair experts highly recommend using essential hair oils as such oils can treat many hair problems. However, you must not make the mistake of applying essential oils directly to your scalp or hair. Such oils need to be diluted with some carrier oil to avoid any kind of irritation or allergic reaction. Always go for a patch test before using an essential oil. Continue reading

Complete Info on Oiling your Hair

One of the main secrets behind beautiful and strong hair is the presence of adequate amount of moisture in the hair. It is simply not possible to have beautiful, silky and shiny hair, if your hair lacks proper moisture. To maintain the moisture of your hair, the best step that you can take is to apply regular oil onto your hair.

Since ancient time, people from different cultures use a variety of different oils on their treasured tresses to make them healthy and stronger. Continue reading

Everything You Wish to Know About Hair Fall

Hair fall is one of the most common hair problems that people of different age group suffer from. Especially women are very obsessive about hair and hair fall can be the reason behind their frustration. If you suffer from hair fall, then there is a high chance that you have received a number of advices and suggestions from your friends and family members. Also you may have followed some of those advices and suggestions. Continue reading