Are You Worried About Dry Flaky Scalp?

Dry and flaky scalp can be too irritating for anyone. If your scalp has suddenly become dry and flaky, you need to control it as soon as possible. This is important as it can ultimately lead to hair loss, brittle hair and itching on the scalp.

All the skin cells in the human body shed including the skin cells of the scalp. But when the rate of skin shedding on the scalp increases it becomes a problem. At times we often come to the conclusion that it is dandruff. But when it is dandruff, the skin flakes are oily in nature rather than dry.

Flaky scalp

There can be a number of causes behind this kind of hair problem, such as extreme winter days, use of harsh hair products, hair treatments, chemical hair colors,harmful UV sun rays, chlorine water, lack of oil, excessive use of heating tools on hair, regular use of hair gels, re-bonding, using wrong shampoo and conditioner, too much stress in life, hormonal imbalances, excess oil production, suppressed immunity, poor nutrition, dehydration and so on.

Well, these are some of the reasons behind dry and flaky scalp. There are many ways to control this kind of hair problem. Just some changes in your regular hair care regimen and your products and soon there will be no such problem like dry and flaky scalp.

Here are five important tips for your dry and flaky scalp:

Use the right shampoo:

Shampooing too often or too less can cause dry scalp. Excessive use of shampoo strips the natural oil from the scalp that helps in keeping the scalp well moisturized. Also washing your hair too little can worsen the condition of the scalp. So you need to follow a proper hair care routine and wash your hair at least twice a week. Also after shampooing your hair, it is important to use a conditioner. Try to use a sulfate free shampoo and a mild conditioner designed for dry scalps. Also use a small amount of shampoo every time you wash your hair so that it can be rinsed out properly. If any residue is left behind on the scalp, it can cause irritation on the scalp and there can be dry flakes too.

Stay away from heat:

Do not allow your scalp to come in contact with too much heat. Heat can cause dryness and irritation on scalp which is not at all good. This is why you must totally avoid taking hot showers or washing your hair with hot water. Always try to wash your hair with cold water. Along with this, you must also avoid the use of heat styling tools such as blow dryers, curling irons and so on. In case you need to use the heat styling tools, set the temperature at the minimum and keep it few inches away from the scalp. Allow your hair to dry naturally.

Massage your scalp:

No hair care regimen is complete with regular massage of scalp. Massage is important as helps in increasing the blood flow to the scalp. Not only that, massage also opens up the blocked pores which releases the natural oil called sebum from the scalp. When you massage your scalp, the dead skin cells loosen up which can be easily wash away while shampooing your hair. According to your convenience you can massage before going to bed, while watching TV, before you shampoo your hair or while shampooing. To massage move your finger tips in circular motion and cover all of your ahead.

Oiling your hair:

When it comes to dry and flaky scalp, no other hair oil can be better than olive oil. Warm the olive oil and with the help of your fingertips rub it into your scalp thoroughly. There is no need to apply oil all over your hair, just focus on the scalp area. After putting the oil, cover the head with a warm towel and allow it to stay for around thirty to forty five minutes. This way olive oil will penetrate deep in to the scalp making it well moisturized. Later on rinse the oil out of your hair with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. Avoid using a conditioner this time.

Cover your scalp:

Both summer and winter months can be bad for dry and flaky scalp. During the summer, direct sun rays can sunburn your scalp making it even drier than normal. So, cover your head with a hat, cap or a bandana when stepping out in the sun. You can also use a leave in conditioner or hair serum to protect your hair. On the other hair during winter months you need to protect your scalp from the wind and cold. You must always cover your hair when going out and choose your hair styles wisely.

Some home remedies:

  • Lemon juice is very effective on itchy flaky scalp. Take a few drops of lemon juice and apply it on the scalp before going to bed. In the morning you can shampoo your hair as usually.
  • You can also mix lemon juice with gooseberry juice to get faster relief from itchiness caused due to extreme dryness of the scalp.
  • Make a smooth mixture by using one cup of apple juice, one tablespoon of honey, two teaspoons of vinegar and a few drops of lavender oil. Apply this mixture on your hair and leave it for around half an hour before washing your hair. Try this home remedy at least once a week for a few months for better result.
  • After shampooing your hair, pour whole milk on it and leave it on for some fifteen to twenty minutes. Then take some aloe vera gel and apply it thoroughly on your wet scalp and then wrap a towel around your head. Wash your hair with cold water after half an hour.
  • After washing your hair with a mild shampoo, rinse it with vinegar. It will give relief from flaking and at the same time your hair will have a beautiful shine and glow.
  • Use a mixture of tree tea oil and almond oil to massage your scalp. It will minimize your problem of dry and flaky scalp to a great extent.
  • When you massage the scalp with curd it helps in reducing scalp flakiness.

Consult your dermatologist

In case after following the above mentioned tips, there is no relief from dry and flaky scalp, it is time to consult your dermatologist. At times there can be a medical reason behind such hair problem. A close examination of your scalp can highlight the main reason and with the prescribed drugs and medicines, you can get rid of your dry and flaky scalp.

To conclude, when you feel like your scalp is getting dry and flaky, there is no need to panic. There are plenty of ways to control it and what you need is some time and patience. Soon you will have a healthy scalp that promotes healthy hair growth.

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