5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Hair Quality

Hair is the first thing people notice about you. In fact, the way you style and manage your skin can say a lot about you. Needless to say greasy, dirty and messy hair will not depict good things about your. This is why it is very essential to keep your hair healthy.

To enjoy healthy hair, there is no need to spend too much money on expensive hair care products. In fact, there are some simple and easy tips that can promote hair growth and give your hair the fresh, clean and healthy look it deserves.

Blow drying hair

Here are 5 simple ways to improve your hair.

Cold Water

The very first way to improve the quality and texture of your hair is to use cold water. Whenever you need to wash your hair, use cold water instead of hot water. This does not mean that you have to freeze yourself in a cold shower. Enjoy a warm shower, and at the end use some cold water to rinse your hair. This will help to close the hair’s cuticle, which in turn will add shine to your hair.

Avoid Chlorinated Water

The water in the pool mostly has chlorine in it. Chlorine is not good for your hair and it can hugely cause damage to your hair. If you need to get into a pool or spa, first shower and then go. This way the water expands your hair cuticles and thus lessening the risk of chlorine damage. If you swim mostly in salt water, you need to follow protein treatments to keep hair soft and shiny. Also wear proper head gear before hitting the swimming pool.


Nowadays, it almost seems that exercise is recommended for everything. Regular exercise keeps you healthy and also helps you to enjoy healthy hair. Regular physical exercise increases blood flow to the scalp which again, aids in increasing hair growth. If you lead a more sedentary lifestyle, start with twenty minutes of mild exercise for three to four days a week and then gradually increase to at least half an hour of workouts five days a week.

Avoid Heat

For healthy and shiny hair, you need to minimize the use of heat on your hair. Excessive heat, in either blow-drier or flat-iron form, can cause serious damage to your hair. To prevent heat damage, allow hair to air-dry as much as possible, and turn down the heat on your blow-dryer. Also try not to repeatedly perm, crimp, straighten or curl your hair. These processes can cause serious damage to your hair.

Regular Conditioning

Moisture is an essential ingredient to enjoy good hair growth. Many people wash their hair on a daily basis and often forget to condition their hair. After washing your hair you need to apply little lit of conditioner to your hair. This will help you to enjoy a bouncy head of hair. At the same time do deep conditioning of your hair at least once in a week. Deep conditioning will improve your hair growth rate and also improve the quality of your hair dramatically.

Keep these important factors in mind while planning your regular hair care regimen. These factors will make help to make your hair become softer, shinier, and healthier.

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