Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair is an important aspect of your image and hence everyone wishes to have beautiful and healthy locks. But, hair loss is a problem that most of us have at some point in our lives. It’s normal to lose up to 100 strands a day, but anything more than that is a matter of concern.

Excessive hair loss can be due to unhealthy diet, too much stress, living in highly polluted area, improper hair care routine, use of wrong products  or even genetic. Continue reading

Top Secrets Behind Long and Thick Hair

It is true that hereditary plays a key role to enjoy long and lustrous hair. But this does not mean that if there is no one in your family having thick, long and shiny hair, then you also cannot have long and thick hair. The texture and health of your hair depends on many more factors along with hereditary. For instance, a proper hair care regimen, proper diet plan, regular physical exercise, proper rest and so on can give you amazing results.

With the right handling and maintenance, you can own long and thick hair.

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